COLOUR SPOTLIGHT – Benjamin Moore Tranquilty

When picking a paint colour I generally discourage people from choosing one based on its name.  For example, Benjamin Moore Calming Green is a very pretty shade of greeny  turquoise but defiantly not relaxing.  Who names these colours anyway?!

If there is a colour that DOES live up to its name, it’s Benjamin Moore Tranquility.  With a hit of blue/green, this grey tone is perfect for softening any space.  I love it in the bedroom, where you want to create a quiet atmosphere.  It pairs beautifully with cream and other soft shades of beige or grey as well as all wood tones.  Keep your space from feeling to flat by adding a pop of colour with fresh flowers or accent pillows.

At the end of a long day, I often find myself unwinding on the couch.  Bright colours are great for high energy spaces (and people) but in the living room I prefer a quiet shade that’s easy on the eyes.  Just like in the bedroom, here’s Tranquility paired with shades of white and taupe.  Add colour with a bold rug! Scroll down to see more of this interior from House Of Turquoise.

If you want to give your bathroom a rustic, country cottage vibe, use Tranquility on walls, woodwork or cabinetry.  It’s just dark enough to look rich without being overpowering but not so light that it appears washed out in a larger space with more light.

Here’s a similar bathroom from Decor Pad that uses the exact same colours but since the design uses sharp corners and clean lines the space feels more contemporary.

Love Tranquility as much as I do? Remember that light can have a huge effect on the way that colours look in a space so it’s a good idea to try a pint size sample in your home before making a commitment.

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  1. Sara Deveau

    Do you have a suggestion for a white for cabinetry to pair with tranquility?


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