Feeling Blue? Here Are 10 Of Our Favourite Shades

Next to grey, blue is probably my next favourite colour.  It’s rich, moody and as comfortable as that favourite pair of jeans.  And just like that favourite pair of jeans, you can either dress it down for a more casual space or give it glamour with bold accessories.

Below are ten of my favourite shades of blue.  I’ve tried my best to pick interiors from Houzz and our Pinterest boards that best represent each colour but remember, if you want to use of them at home, I always suggest stopping by the shop and looking at the actual paint swatch.  Computer screens often distort the colour so it’s helpful to see the shade first hand so there are no surprises.

One of my all time favourite dark blues is Benjamin Moore Hale Navy.  It’s beautiful on walls as well as kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.  It’s also great for creating a restful atmosphere in the bedroom. Try it in rooms that have a lot of natural light, though.  In smaller dimly lit rooms it can look almost black.  A great lighter alternative is Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue or Kensington Blue.

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Kitchen cabinets in Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Kitchen cabinets in Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Blue and white is a classic combination but if you associate “classic” with “outdated” here’s a space that will change your mind.   For a modern blue choose a clean saturated shade like Benajamin Moore Old Navy and pair with plenty of white.  Look for sleek furniture and accessories with sharp corners and modern materials like acrylic.

Get this look with Benjamin Moore Old Navy.

Get this look with Benjamin Moore Old Navy.

When this space from Emily Henderson popped up on my Pinterest, I knew I had to share it!  The blue is rich but not too dark, warm woods cozy up the dining room and white gives clean contrast.  If you love this look at much as I do, try another one of my favourite colours, Benjamin Moore Hudson Bay.

Sometimes you just want a punch of colour! For a bright mid tone blue that’s sure to make a statement try Benjamin Moore Cayman Blue.  It will go great with other high energy colours like orange or hot pink.  Just remember, keep the accents small so your room doesn’t feel too busy.

We naturally associate blue with water so it’s a perfect choice for bathroom walls.  With a hint of aqua, Benjamin Moore Passion Blue reminds me of our beautiful ocean!

Another beautiful blue that leans towards the green is Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue.  It’s more muted than Passion Blue so it’s great for bedrooms where you want to feel relaxed and comfortable.

If you prefer your blue a little less green and a bit more cool, one of my favourite blue strips is Benjamin Moore 1639-1645.  These shades are soft and muted and will go great with gold and cream accents.  Get this Houzz look at home with Benjamin Moore Cape Blue 1642.

I encourage our customer never to pick a paint colour based on it’s name. Case in point is one of my favourite cool gray/blues Benjamin Moore Beacon Gray.  Sure it has gray in the name but a lot of people are surprised at how blue it actually looks on the walls.

Here’s another great example of a colour that doesn’t match it’s name.  If you’re looking for a HINT of blue, my go-to shade is Benjamin Moore Patriotic White.  It’s fresh but soft so it’s great for adult spaces like the bedroom.  It has just enough colour to look blue without looking like a nursery.

If that’s not enough colour, try Benjamin Moore Whispering Spring.  It’s a touch darker and a bit warmer – perfect for that coastal cool living room.

Lastly, here are some general colour tips.  Remember that when you make a drastic colour change (for example from light walls to navy walls) you may need 2-3 coats of paint to get the true colour.  Save yourself time and money and invest in a higher quality paint which will cover in less coats.  Also, remember that paint colours will generally look about ½ shade darker on the walls than they will on the colour swatch so if you’re stuck between two shades, start with the lighter one.  Lastly, light has a huge effect on how we see colour so it’s always a good idea to try a small tested pot and paint a swatch in your space before making a commitment.

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