Decorating The HALLWAY

There are some spaces in our homes that serve a very important FUNCTIONAL purpose but may not be the most exciting (or stylish) area of the house.  The hallway is necessary to get from one part of the house to another you we might as well enjoy the walk.

With flat unbroken walls, the hallway is the perfect place to decorate!  Below are some of my favourite ideas.  Click on each photo for more of these beautiful homes.

Got a collection?  Show it off in the hallway!

Even though I love the convenience of electronic books (super handy for travel) nothing replaces the physical feel of a good book.  Wider hallways are the perfect place for a library of our favourite reads.

There are two things I love about this hallway.  First of all, mirrors are a great way to make a dark space like a hallway feel brighter.  They reflect light and innately make a room feel larger and brighter.  Plus those lanterns are a stunning and functional way to decorate.  With today’s realistic LED candles, you can have all the romance without the fire hazard.

Want drama?  Start with a bold wall paint colour like this stunning navy and add a statement piece like a chair, mirror or light fixture at the end to catch the eye.

If you have enough room, add some furniture to the hallway.  Define the space (like this corner) with some strategically arranged artwork.

Since hallways traditionally don’t have a lot of light, use funky fixtures to add style.  I love these lanterns paired with a cheerful yellow wall paint colour and plenty of white trim.

Stripes are a great way to add pattern to any room.  These homeowners are definitely not colour shy and chose a bold white and red combination to make their hallway a feature.

The flat unbroken walls in the hallway are the perfect place for a gallery wall!  Show off your family photos or favourite artwork.  Use funky frames and a creative layout.

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