BLACK And WHITE – High Contrast Design

There are thousand of colours available in not only paint colours but tiles, fabrics, accessories and artwork.  The list is endless.  But if you want to create a stunning dramatic space sometimes you have to go back to the basics.  Technically black and white are not really “colours”.  They are the absence or presence of colour but when this high contrast duo is used in decorating the impact is stunning!

Usually when I think of a black and white room I think modern but there are ways to make this pair feel warmer and more traditional.  Pair crisp white molding with black furniture that has soft lines and flowing curves.  Add soft rugs and blankets to cozy up the living room and bedroom or incorporate light woods in flooring, cabinetry or counters.

Before you rush to the paint store consider sheen as a part of your design.  Darker colours in glossy finishes will highlight surface imperfections so unless your furniture, trim or walls are perfect I would skip a high gloss finish and choose a softer semigloss or satin instead.  White can be a bit more forgiving but make sure to choose a water based formula (Muralo Ultra Waterbourne Enamels are my favourite) to avoid a yellow discoloration over time.

Plain walls?  Dress them up by adding some simple molding or trim.  The extra dimension adds another visual layer making the walls more interesting.  Don’t forget that molding doesn’t have to be white.  Experiment with a dramatic black paint instead.

Need inspiration?  Check out some of my favourite spaces below.  Click on each photo for more and don’t forget to Pin for later!

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