NIGHT STANDS – 12 Ideas For The Bedroom

I love a good night sleep so it’s no surprise that the bedroom is my favourite room in the house.  But like every space, even the bedroom requires a place to store “stuff.”  An alarm clock, a refreshing glass of water or a picture of your family all need their place.  Sure, you can pick up a night stand in any furniture store but there are so many creative alternatives!

Below are some of my favourites.  Don’t forget to click on each photo for more and Pin your favourites for later.

Travel has changed a lot over the decades and suitcases have certainly come a long way.  Vintage trunks are full of character and can make a great bed side table.  You can find some beautiful ones at consignment stores, estate sales or your grandmother’s closet!

Over the years, I have learned to compromise the decor of our home with my (ever patient) husband.  After all, he lives here too so I have tried to keep patterns (especially on sheets) neutral and balance a feminine touch with manly accents.  If you’re feeling particularly generous, a tool chest full of drawers can be more than just a place to store the hammer.

If you don’t have a lot of space instead of a night stand use the space next to your bed for a desk.  It can double as a vanity and the drawers are great for extra storage.

Make a nightstand in a hurry and on a budget with a couple concrete blocks.  Great for modern spaces, this design is a super creative way to repurpose what can otherwise be an unexciting building material.

I bet this stacked nightstand probably cost a fortune but you can make your own DIY version in a couple of hours.  Trimmed wood planks can be cut to a custom size and stained to match the rest of the decor in your bedroom.  I sense a weekend project coming on!

Those ceramic stands are perfect for not only the living room, they also make a beautiful addition to the bedroom. They come in a variety of bright bold colours and their small footprint makes them perfect if you don’t have a lot of room.

Mismatched chairs?  If you’re updating your dining room, rescue one of the chairs, give it a fresh look with a coat of paint (Chalk Paint® By Annie Sloan would be perfect for this DIY project) and give it new life as a night stand.  You can also pick up single chairs for a steal at a house sale or consignment store.

You don’t have to be a master carpenter to build these simple boxes perfect for displaying your treasures by the bed.  You can also use old shipping or wine crates!

I’m short so ladders are super handy around our house but use can use them for more than just getting things off the top shelf.  Cut plywood for simple shelves and clip on lights for a charming nightstand perfect for a cottage bedroom.

A metal shelf with a beautiful design is perfect for the living room but it’s also a great place to decorate the side of the bed.  Paint in a contrasting colour to the wall to really make it stand out.  These black walls are stunning!

Decorative corbels are generally used as supporting brackets for moldings, fireplaces and kitchen cabinets. The larger ones can also make a beautiful addition the bedroom.  Simply add a small piece of wood on top to turn into a shelf.

Keep a refreshing glass of water handy on a beautiful bar cart next to your bed.  Spray paint a warm metallic gold to add a bit sparkle and glamour to your bedroom.

Who says a night stand has to be on the ground?  This suspended design reminds me of a tree swing I had as a child.  This version is definitely more grown up but still charming and fun.

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