SUNDAY AT HOME – Organizing With Towel Rods

At our house, Sundays are the days we catch up on household chores (it’s amazing how much laundry two people can generate!), tidy up and work on the ever expanding list of DIY projects.

It’s amazing how many items are the house can serve more than one purpose.  For example, the humble towel bar can be handy in more rooms than just the bathroom.

In the kitchen, a towel bar is the perfect place to hang utensils, pots, pans and mugs.  Still within reach, they won’t clutter up the counter!

Hang a simple basket off a towel rack and use it to store your fruits or veggies or attach pots full of aromatic herbs.

The entry to our homes is the first place our guests see.  It’s also tempting to make it a dumping ground for bags, keys, hats, and other accessories.  Keep your foyer tidy and organized by hanging up your items instead.

Tired of finding your necklaces in a tangled mess?  Make your jewelry easy to find and clutter free by separating and hanging for easy access.

Art supplies, craft project and school items can quickly get cluttered.  Sort them into bins and hang them off a towel bar so they don’t take up precious desk space.

Keep those shirts wrinkle free by hanging them on a towel bar installed under a shelf!

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