Around The House – DOING LAUNDRY

My husband thinks I’m crazy but I LOVE doing the laundry.  There’s nothing quite like taking a pile of dirty smelly clothes and turning it into Downy smelling heaven.  And don’t get me started on fresh sheets and towels!

When decorating our homes we painstakingly plan out our spaces and accessorize in each room with detail. But in all the planning the laundry is often forgotten.  If you don’t have the same passion for laundry like I do, a little style can make it not only functional but (dare I say) fun!

Below are some of my favourite Pinterest finds.

A quirky saying will put a smile on your face every time you do the laundry and a refreshing wall paint colour ( I love Benjamin Moore Ocean Air) will brighten a small space.

Use palette wood (we’re always happy to donate) to make quirky laundry room signs that help you keep track of those lost items.  It’s amazing how quickly that pocket change adds up!  Use it for something fun!

Chalkboards are my new obsession!  You can get chalkboard paint in just about any colour and use it to leave fun messages to your family, inspirational quotes to keep you going or lists to get organized.

For decoration, theme your decor with laundry related items like this wreath made from decoupaged clothespins.

A towel bar installed under a cabinet or shelf is a great place to hang shirts so they don’t become a wrinkled mess.

Even laundry detergent looks luxurious when placed in decorative jars and jugs.  Skip that cardboard box or plastic jug and replace with stylish containers like these.  Remind yourself of what’s in them with DIY chalkboard tags.

For more decorating ideas or stylish spaces check out our Pinterest boards here!

Happy painting!



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