7 Ways To Add Pink To Your Adult Space

My husband and I met in college and if you ask him what my general life colour scheme was back then, he will tell you it was decisively neutral.  Even though grey is still my favourite colour, over the years I’ve definitely expanded by horizons and added brighter shades like PINK to my wardrobe and our home.

Now PINK is one of those colours most people have a strong opinion on.  We often associate it with little girls playing dress up so few of us think to incorporate it into our adult spaces but this cheerful accent colour can really brighten up a room!

Like with any design element, start small.  It’s easy to get carried away and wake up in Barbie’s dream house so below I’ve put together my favourite ways to incorporate pink into your home.  Scroll through and don’t forget to Pin your favourite looks for later and click on the photos for more info.

FLOWERS – Probably the easiest way to add colour to any space is with flowers.  You don’t have to spend a fortune (ask the florist for in-season plants to keep the cost down or look to see what’s blooming in your garden) and you can get a new look every week.  Experiment with vase colours or try your hand at DIY and upcycle plain glass ones.  There’s my favourite combination of punchy pink in a blue and white vase.

PILLOWS – Another great budget friendly way to add pink without commitment!  Add  colourful pillows to your bed, couch, or favourite seat!  They’re easy to swap out seasonally for a new look.  TIP:  Pink + Gray make a great pair!

RUG – According to my husband I have this thing with rugs.  True, in the past couple of months we have replaced a more than normal amount but they’re a great way to add pattern and texture to a space.  Think of it like a fun shoe!  Plus, they protect our floors and keep our feet cozy.  Here are some of my favourite pink rug spaces (like the kitchen)!

LIGHTING – Whether it’s a pink lampshade or pink pendants (how amazing is that kitchen!?) lighting is another great way to add colour to your space.

MIRRORS & FRAMES – Updating old mirror or picture frames is a great weekend DIY project.  Use what you already have at home or visit  your favourite thrift shop for fun frames you can paint pink!

FURNITURE – If you love pink and want to make a commitment use it on a larger scale with elements life furniture.  You can paint your old pieces or invest in new ones.

PAINT – Don’t think you can paint the walls pink?  Of course you can!  The trick is finding the right shade.  For adult spaces, look for pinks with a slight brown or grey undertone.  What are some of my favourite shades and spaces?

What’s your favourite way to use pink at home? Leave us a comment below!

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