Taking Work Home?

In today’s busy world the day rarely ends at 5 o’clock.  More often than not people find themselves taking work home but it’s hard to concentrate and be productive spread out on the couch.  A few months ago I wrote about turning a closet into a home office but sometimes giving up the extra storage space just isn’t practical.

You can still have a quiet place to work by using small nooks and crannies in your home.  Areas under the stairs, a small shelf in the kitchen, or a cozy nook in the hallway are all great places to set up a desk, computer and storage.  Make this space a part of home with a comfy chair and colourful storage containers.  Add a magnetic chalkboard or cork board to brainstorm or share ideas.

Need inspiration?  I pulled some favourites from Houzz.  Click on the photos for more.

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