What Is Buddy’s “Pup-Up Shop” (and why we are having one)

Buddy's Pup Up Shop

If you have visited Rowe Spurling Paint Company in last year, chances are you met Buddy. At ninety five pounds he is hard to miss! I didn’t plan on getting a dog but now I can’t image my life without him.

Since he came into our lives at a tiny eighteen pounds, Justin and I have been working hard to give him the best doggie life we can. We quickly realized though, that a lot of animals (both locally and overseas) need help living a better life. That’s why we started Buddy’s Pup-Up Shop in the store. Profits from all dog items are donated to the Bermuda SPCA where they are used to provide complimentary professional training lessons to adopted pups. This not only teaches the humans how to best care for their new family members, it also helps the dogs become better members of the household and community.

Dog toys from the paint store? Over the past few months we have found a group of wonderful suppliers and curated a small collection of hand picked pet items. We try to find small, independent brands who focus not only on quality but also animal welfare. Below is a little more about each.

PURE + GOOD: In the Summer Buddy is one itchy dog. After a few playgroups and rolls in the mud is he also one dirty dog. That’s why the first supplier that hit Buddy’s Pup-up is Pure + Good. This mother and daughter team set out to create a line of products for pets that was truly natural. Working with a local chemist they launched their first shampoo line in 2013. It was completely free of chemicals, detergents, sulfates, pthalates, parabens and fragrances. Instead of harsh chemicals, Pure + Good relies on the healing power (and amazing smell) of essential oils and naturally sourced ingredients.

Pure + Good chemical free pet shampoos, conditioners and more.

FOUND MY ANIMAL: That handsome collar and leash Buddy is wearing? It’s from Found My Animal. Hand dyed and crafted in their studio in New York, these leashes are hand-spliced to withstand hundreds of pounds of pull with the ends then “whipped” (an old nautical term) for additional durability. Fixed on the ends are our solid brass lockable carabiners designed to allow additional safety for our rescue pups big and small. Unique to each leash is a simple, numbered brass tag. To date, more than 117,000 of these numbered leashes have been sold.  The folks at Found My Animal are also passionate about animal welfare. Part of the proceeds from their sales go to support animal welfare and rescue organizations with a whole section of their website dedicated to helping facilitate direct pet adoptions.

Hand made leashes, collars and accessories from Found My Animal

JAX & BONES: Buddy loves a good squeak toy – especially at 2am. The louder – the better. In the hunt for sustainable but durable toys we found Jax & Bones, an eco-friendly company specializing in luxury dog bedding, durable dog toys, and accessories. All Jax & Bones beds are entirely made in the United States and stuffed with Jax & Bones’ signature filler Sustainafill™ made from recycled soda bottles. The toys are dyed using eco-friendly vegetable dyes and the rope toys are all hand tied.

Dog toys and accessories made in the United States from eco-friendly recycled materials.

TALL TAILS: With cooler weather on the way, we can’t wait to receive our first order from Tall Tails in December. Originally a family owned baby bedding, blanket and apparel company, Tall Tails has made it their mission to create comfortable and durable dog beds, blankets and throws. Every Tall Tails product is crafted from non-toxic materials and designed for easy cleaning.

Comfortable and durable dog blankets, beds and throws from Tall Tails.

Sure, it might be a little strange to buy a dog toy from a paint store but with your support we have donated $1,400.00 to the Bermuda SPCA since April. We hope to make Buddy’s Pup-Up Shop a permanent fixture in our small home decor corner so we can continue to raise more funds for Bermuda’s animals. Shop online here or stop by the shop to see our ever changing collection in person. And don’t forget to say hello to Buddy!

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