How I Keep A Tidy House With A Dog

If you’ve been following along on the blog or social media (or if you have visited the shop in the last year) you’re met Buddy. At fourteen months he’s pushing 95 pounds. That’s a lot of dog to clean up after!

One of the reasons I resisted getting a dog for such a long time was a fear of the mess. Not just the dog hair but the toys, tools and accessories that came with having an animal inside your house. I liked my space the way it was – clean, organized and smelling nice. A year of sharing a space with Buddy taught me that it IS possible so below I’m sharing a few ways I stay sane!

First, I got myself a good vacuum cleaner. Actually I got two. One is a traditional upright that’s great for getting dog hair out of the rug. The second is a small handheld battery powered one that tackles small spaces when I don’t feel like lugging the big one out. It’s also great for the car – especially since this time of year we go the beach a lot.

Another way we keep the floors and carpets clean is with mats in the doorways. They trap dirt before Buddy has a chance to spread it all over the house.

While I’m on the subject of carpets, after a few weeks with no bath Buddy starts to smell a little funky – especially after doggie playgroup. Once a month before vacuuming I will sprinkle carpet powder (I love the citrus scent of PL360) to get rid of any set-in odors.

Speaking of odors, a high quality dog bed may be expensive but it will stand up to frequent washings. It’s a chore but every other Sunday the dog beds, blankets and soft toys go into the wash. I use a fragrance free hypo-allergenic detergent and vinegar instead of fabric softener. TIP: I use vinegar in people laundry too – especially towels. It keeps them soft without gunking up the washing machine and gets rid of the musty smell.

Buddy has a pretty impressive toy collection. Both at home and at work toys go into a special bin. It keeps the floor clutter free and prevents me from tripping over his tennis balls. A decorative basket, wooden crate or even a laundry bag are all great ways to keep toys confined to one area. We even taught Buddy to put them away all by himself!

Leashes, collars and harnesses go on hooks by the front door. I can find one when I need it and it’s never a tangled mess. Plus it’s great for keeping the rest of us organized too!

Last month I made my (borderline hoarder) husband clean out the kitchen cabinets. There was a ton of stuff in them that we didn’t need and would never use again. Old appliance manuals, chargers and power cords all went to the trash. This created a few empty cabinets for Buddy’s things. One has his food and treats. Another is for grooming supplies and medicines.

Finally our walls are painted with a matte paint (Ultra Ceramic Matte to be exact) that’s washable. Buddy has his favourite snooze spots which means certain walls get dirtier than others. Instead of constantly painting, a good scrub is all it takes to keep them looking fresh.

What are your top tips for keeping a tidy house with pets? Leave us a comment below!

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