Meet Buddy – Our New Shop Puppy!

My husband has always wanted a dog. For eleven years I always said no and eventually earned the nickname Cruella (the mean lady from Disney’s 101 Dalmations). I never really considered myself a dog person – they made the house smell funny, drooled all over the place and shed hairs on the carpets. Sure they were cute but since we worked all week how could we possible take care of a dog too? Turns out we were just waiting for the right dog to come along!

A couple of weeks ago Justin was getting ready to celebrate his birthday. The day before, Stefan (the young man you see working with us at the shop) came to work with pictures of Rottweiler puppies he saw in a pet shop in Somerset. We joked all day about getting one but no one took me seriously – until it was time to go home. Instead of heading back to the house we drove to Somerset and picked up Buddy!

Out of the five puppies left he was the calmest – quietly sleeping in the corner. When he woke up, instead of fighting with his siblings or begging to be picked up he simply wandered around and sniffed at the world around him.

After a few weeks, his temperament hasn’t changed. Most days you can find him sleeping in his crate. He’s happy to fetch a ball or toy but never in a hurry! What has surprised me is how intelligent he is. At a very young age he has already learned basic obedience plus a few cute tricks like “roll-over” and “high-five.” He’s going to be a big dog and it’s important he knows his manners so we’re working on teaching him right from wrong. We’re also socializing him with people and other dogs so he’s polite company. Like any proud parents we can’t wait to see him grow up!

So next time you stop by the shop say hello to Buddy – and watch out for puppy toys on the floor! And since he’s such a handsome boy we started his own Instagram @Buddy_At_The_Paint_Shop.

4 Responses to “Meet Buddy – Our New Shop Puppy!”

  1. Gail Correia

    Awesome story about Buddy! May he bring much joy to your lives!

    • Rowe Spurling Paint Company

      He sure is – it helps that he’s so cute when he pees on the floor! We’re working hard to teach him manners though and he’s doing great!


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