SNEAK PEEK – March Home Decor

At the beginning of the year our home decor suppliers added THOUSANDS of new items and I spent most of January combing through their catalogues. Our orders were placed in February and should start hitting the shelves later this month (anyone shocked that it’s March ALREADY!?!)

What can you find in our next container? Scroll down for a SNEAK PEEK below.

First, let’s start with our new display cabinet. You might have noticed that they’re getting BIGGER every time! Made from rustic pine it has a cozy farmhouse feel and tons of cubbies perfect for kitchen or dining room storage. Love it as much as we do? New cabinets are $2,995.00 (special order only) or pick up our floor model on the last week in May for $2495.00. TIP: We always sell our floor models at a discount so if you love any of our cabinets make sure to ask when they will be available for sale.

What are we filling our cabinet with? STARS! We can’t wait to unpack this collection of cups, bowls, and glasses covered in tiny gold stars.

What goes great with stars? STRIPES! Perfect for your morning breakfast or your evening snack! Everything tastes sweeter from these pretty bowls and cups.

When my husband and I got married, running out to buy that fancy set of china with matching silverware was not at the top of priority list. Eleven years later we still don’t have (and don’t plan on getting) all that fussy dinnerware. I am however, going to steal a few of these matte grey pieces for the table. Each one is unique and of course it helps that they are in my favourite color.

My morning usually start around 5:30 am ( a little earlier now that we have a puppy!) with a cup of coffee. This pour over coffee drip is not only a beautiful addition to the kitchen counter but a stylish way to start the day!

I love baking (especially in the cooler months) but I don’t love the ants that are instantly attracted to anything left on the counter. Keep your kitchen creations under cover with this tall glass cake dome with marble base. Need something to wash that cake down with? This glass pitcher is perfect for your favourite beverages and makes a beautiful pair.

Looking for glass storage for the kitchen? These ribbed containers have a cork top for keeping rice, beans and pasta fresh (and stylish).

Glass storage not your style? Check out these ceramic canister sets! They’re not only great for the kitchen but also for organizing everything from paper clips to craft supplies.

These bowls with bamboo lids sold out a couple of months ago and we are so excited to have them back in stock. They’re perfect for serving and storing your favourite salads or pasta. And why should your counters have all the fun? Fancy up the fridge with these adorable butter dishes!

It’s no secret I love grey so when I saw these stoneware sets I knew I had to order some for the shop (and some for home!)

Household chores may not be very exciting but doing laundry just got a cheerful upgrade with our new decor. No more mismatched socks at our house!

I find that I am lot more productive when my work space is tidy. Use this glass organizer for everything from paper clips to bits of string and everything in-between.

Glass vases are timeless and can be filled with everything from flowers to sea glass or your favourite candle! These new arrivals come in two styles – with or without lids – and two sizes.

Looking for easy modern decorating pieces? These wooden boxes make the perfect modular storage. Leave them natural or paint them to match the colour scheme in your space. Arrange and re-arrange for a new look every month!

But wait – there’s MORE! Stop by the shop and see what else is on our home decor shelves.

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