SNEAK PEAK – January Home Decor Arrivals

This year our little home decor corner got an upgrade and gained an extra 70 square feet!  I know it doesn’t sound like much but it gave us (okay – me) an opportunity to stock all those home decor goodies I’ve been pining over for years now.

Over the past few months we have been stocking the shelves with canisters, trays, candle holders and other decor accessories.  I would like to thank everyone who has supported us with your purchases – we are honored to be a part of your homes.  

Of course, a new year means more new stuff!  I already have a couple of orders on the way and a new cart in progress but if you can’t wait you will find a SNEAK PEAK below.  I am hoping that these items will arrive the second week in January (fingers crossed!).

Let’s start in the kitchen.  When I first moved to Bermuda (11 years ago!) it took a while to get used to putting EVERYTHING in the fridge.  Otherwise I would wake up to a kitchen full of ants … or worse! For the past few months  I have tried to find canisters, bowls and jars with lids to pretty up the counter and keep food safe from pets.  In our next shipment we have these new additions!

Everything tastes better when it’s homemade (you can cheat – I won’t tell).  This fun cutting board is perfect for serving up your favourite recipes or decorating the kitchen.

Or serve up delicious treats on this ceramic three tier tray.  With gold plating it makes the prettiest statement on your table.

It’s no secret I love doing laundry.  I am probably doing a load right now.  But let’s face it – those detergent bottles are not always the prettiest.  Don’t worry – weekend chores just got an upgrade.  This metal tin is the perfect way to hide those unsightly essentials.  While you’re at it, why not give the shelves an upgrade too!  These glass vases are tinted at the bottom for just a hint of colour.

Want to add a pop of color and fun to the kitchen or bath? Try these tub shaped containers for your sponge or soap.  Which colour is YOUR favourite?

Candles are the perfect way to cozy up those long winter nights and these tea lights have a gold base for that glamorous bit of sparkle.  It compliments our gold tipped gold vases perfectly!

It’s no secret grey is my favourite colour.  Not only do I love the shade of these ceramic lanterns but isn’t this square shape unique?

If you prefer your light to be of the electric kind we have two new lamps coming in January – one made of light wood with a white shade and one in grey cement with a neutral shade.

Where to store all of these new finds? On (or in) your new sideboard!  Made of mango wood in a rustic weathered finish this statement piece is a stylish addition to any room.  We will be using ours to show off all the new goodies coming soon!  TIP:  Want to score this piece at a great price? Watch our Facebook page – we sell our floor model at 25% off after a couple of months (so we get a new one!).

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