Exterior Painting Tips For Summer

Summers are great for DIY projects!  The weather is nicer and the days are longer so we can get more work done. While this sounds like the perfect time to pick up a brush and head outside, there are a couple things to keep in mind before starting that exterior painting project.

Sunny days mean your paint will dry faster but remember never to paint in direct sunlight or on a hot surface.  It will blister and burn, leaving behind a crinkled finish that will peel off your walls or wordwork over time.  Think about throwing an egg onto a hot pan – same principle.  Always follow the shade as you work – it will be better for you AND your paint.  Remember to keep your painting supplies out of the sun too!

Don’t start painting too early in the day.  You know how you get up in the morning and your car is wet from the morning dew?  That’s because overnight the outside of your car cools faster than the air around it.  When the warm air hits your cool car you get dew.  The same dampness can settle on the walls.  If you try paint before letting it dry, it will water down your paint and create drip marks so wait for the morning sun to burn off any excess moisture before you get started.

By the same token you don’t want to START painting TOO LATE in the day.  We get busy and time sometimes gets away from us but remember that most latex paints will take about four hours to dry (oil based paints can take twice as long) so you want to be done at least that long before sunset.  With the humidity high and no sunlight, paint doesn’t dry well over night.  It’s like trying to dry your laundry on the line at night – you will still have wet towels in the morning.

Keep an eye on the weather!  There’s nothing more frustrating than having your hard work ruined by a passing rain shower or an overnight storm.  Make sure there is no rain forecast within twenty four hours of your painting project.  This gives paint enough time to properly dry, avoiding drip and blisters.

No one wants dirt, grass or bugs in their paint!  A breeze is great to keep you cool when you’re working outside but make sure to keep lids or covers on top of your paint cans, containers and pans – especially when you’re trying to give that door or woodwork a beautiful smooth finish.  You don’t want to be fishing out flies or lawn clippings from your varnish or paint.

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