5 Ways You Can Upgrade Your Home With Tempaper

I grew up with wallpaper.  In the States, drywall made it easy and it was the perfect way to add pattern to any room.  Of course, our stone walls make traditional wallpaper challenging.   The dampness often causes the glue to let go and mold can destroy the paper.

Last year, however, I came across a self-adhesive wallpaper alternative – Tempaper.  We were skeptical it would work so we tried it on the walls at the shop first.  They’re old and damp so it was the perfect testing ground.  It’s been almost a year and the Tempaper looks at good as the day we put it up!

Along the way, we did learn a couple of things.  First of all, get a helper.  It’s much easier to put it up with a buddy.  It has a self-adhesive backing kind of like contact paper so while one person peels it back the other person can stick the wallpaper to the wall and get rid of any air bubbles with a squeegee.

Before you start wallpapering, measure the wall.  One roll of Tempaper covers about 56 square feet so make sure you have enough to finish your project.  Start with the MIDDLE OF THE ROLL in the MIDDLE OF THE WALL and work outwards to the corners.  That way you don’t end up with a funky off-cut on one side of the wall.  You want the pattern to look symmetrical.   Don’t forget to get a sharp utility knife with a new blade for the nicest cuts.

Speaking of symmetrical, it may take a few tries to get the pattern to line up.  Don’t worry – Tempaper is repositionable.  Just peel up a section, align and stick back on if your first attempt came our crooked.

If your walls are very rough, stay away from metallic Tempaper without a lot of pattern.  Since the wallpaper picks up the texture of the wall, a metallic design will highlight the imperfections.

Now to the fun part!  Below are some of my favourite Tempaper projects from Pinterest.  I love this entry done is gold and cream Peonies.  I also dying to use Feather Flock SOMEWHERE but it’s a hard sell to hubby.

You can also use Tempaper on the inside of drawers, backs of cabinets and inside of bookcases.  It’s a great way to use up any small pieces you may have left over from a larger project.

Give plain stairs a fun new look with a bold pattern…

…or dress up those plain interior or closet doors.  It’s a great way to hide minor imperfections!

You can also use Tempaper on furniture to give any space a full pop of colour.

What Tempaper designs are in currently in stock at our shop? Scroll down to find out!  Remember one roll covers 56 square feet and rolls are $125.00 (take 10% off for cash).

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