Six Things You Do With A Roll Of Kraft Paper

Last week we invited our friends for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and since cooking for twenty wasn’t enough, I thought that was the perfect day for some light arts and crafts.  Mid-day I snuck out of the house, drove to the shop,  picked up a roll of Kraft paper and a marker.   After a few minutes I had made fun runners for our tables!  Which got me thinking – what else can you make from a $4 roll of Kraft paper?

While I thought my runners were pretty clever I can assure you they looked nothing like the ones below!  I am so jealous of anyone whose handwriting is this beautiful but I will keep practicing for next year!  Kraft paper on the table is not only a great way to give your meal a rustic home-made touch, it will also protect your furniture and linens from spills and drips.  At the end of our Thanksgiving dinner I simply balled up the runners and threw them away.

Not that we need a reminder but the holidays are coming.  Years ago, my husband banned glitter of any kind from our house (and our Christmas decor).  It gets on everything and is a general pain to clean up.  That’s why I love these sweet and simple gift wrap ideas.  This year we’re skipping the fancy (and expensive!) rolls of wrapping paper and making our own!

With scissors and a lot of patience you can also make this DIY wreath!  Just follow the tutorial here.

I am forever forgetting things at the grocery store.  Hang up a roll of craft paper in the kitchen and use it as a fun message center for your family!  Below are two easy tutorials.  Just click on the images to be redirected.

The temperatures have just started to cool but Spring will be here before we know it!  Get a jump start on your gardening with these clever Kraft paper bags.  Line them with plastic to make them waterproof and watch your home bloom even in December!  You can also plant seasonal bulbs and give them away as holiday gifts!  Click on the images for easy instructions!

Remember wrapping your textbooks in school? This is the adult version!  Honesty, with all the electronic options I can’t remember the last time I bought a physical book but covering our old ones in Kraft paper looks like a great way to upgrade the bookcase!

Need Kraft paper for your next project?  Our rolls are 12 inches wide,  180 feet long and sell for about $4.

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