Easy DIY Holiday Decorations

Every year by the middle of November I’m already planning for Christmas.   By this time at our house, the ornaments have been sorted and the lights untangled.  Every morning I drive past Abberfeldy Nurseries on the way to work and look to see if their Christmas tree stands are up yet.  Then I come home browse Pinterest for decorating ideas.

If you’re planning your Christmas decorations too, I’ve put together some of my favourites.  Most can be made with items already around the house or by purchasing a few inexpensive supplies.  Don’t forget to click on the images to be redirected to easy tutorials!

First up are these stunning marble ornaments.  You can make your own easily by purchasing clear glass ornaments (we have plenty in various shapes and sizes), popping off the top, pouring in acrylic paint in your choice of colour, swirling around and letting dry.  The next day just pop the tops back on and hang on the tree!

I love a real tree but not everyone is that traditional.  If you prefer a clean and simple design try this modern tree arrangement.  Cut plywood into triangles, paint in your favourite colour scheme and arrange in any room in the house.

Or make these tiny paper trees and string together for a simple garland! You can also scatter them around the house on bookcases, the mantle or on the holiday dinner table.

Did you ever think that a coffeee filter could look this good?  Yup – those are COFFEE FILTERS!  To make these dreamy white trees click here for the tutorial.  How beautiful would they look on the fireplace mantle or dining room table?

I have to admit I miss snow for Christmas – or at least proper sweater weather.  Growing up in New England we would bundle up every year and drive down to a nearby farm to cut our own tree.  While it will (probably) never snow here you can’t go wrong with these easy DIY paper snowflakes.  Make them into hanging wall decorations or string them together for a garland.  Best of all – no shoveling!

Enjoy the holidays all month long with an Advent Calendar.  Recycle that old picture frame, paint up with chalkboard paint and string small bags or tags.  Get creative and replace gifts with good deads – one for every day leading up to Christmas.

Finally, if you want your home smelling delicious for the holidays skip the artificial fragrances in store bough air fresheners.   Boil up your own pot of spices!  This is one of my favourite recipes!

What’s your favourite way to get the house ready for the holidays?  Leave us a comment below!

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