Friday Favourites October 20th

I can’t believe another week is almost over!  We’ve been working every night in the downstairs apartment getting it ready for incoming guests and the days are flying by!  Some items we had to throw out – others we recycled by repainting or repurposing.

Our FIRST Friday Favourite is this beautiful pair of rustic doors.  I love how this homeowner up cycled them into a rustic headboard!  TIP:  To give your wood a weathered look thin down Chalk Paint™ By Annie Sloan in either Old White or Pure White with water ( about 15% ) and wipe on with a rag.

TWO:  When we bought our house, my husband and I made an arrangement.  I would pick the colours and decor for the entire house EXCEPT for the bedroom.  He picked a beige paint for the walls and they have remained the same colour for a better part of a decade.  That doesn’t mean I can’t dream of a beautiful rich green like this one though! Get this look at home with Benjamin Moore Oasis Blue 2049-20.

THREE:  Who says a ceiling has be be white? Last year I painted the ceiling in our living room the same dark grey as the walls (Benjamin Moore Cinder) and loved the dramatic effect.  I love how this blue colour picks up on the throw pillows and adds another layer of visual interest to the space.

FOUR:  I don’t know what happened to Summer but apparently Halloween is around the corner and Christmas not far behind.  This whimsical display is a great way to have fun with the fireplace!

FIVE:  You’re never too old for pink.  The trick is finding the right shade.  For adult spaces use a pink that is softer with more brown undertones.  For a warm glow, a couple of my favourites are Benjamin Moore Gentle Butterfly and Cream Puff.

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