Friday Favourites October 13th

I don’t often give living on a small island in the middle of the ocean a second thought.  After all, no matter where you live your travel loop is pretty much the same – home, work, errands, then back home.  For the most part there is no need to travel long distances in our daily lives.  It’s only when we have to order a container to re-stock the shop do I realize that we are a tiny dot surrounded by water and getting supplies in is not as easy as arranging for a truck from one of vendors to arrive at our loading door.

I love container weeks because there’s always new stuff inside – and most of it is stacked on wooden palettes.  That’s why today’s FIRST Friday Favourite is a great way to recycle all that wood.  All it needs is a little love.  Palette wood is generally pretty rough so a good sand (a machine will make this go faster) is all you need to reveal its beauty.  You can then paint it or stain it to fit your decor.  Remember to wear gloves to protect your hands from splinters and turn that old wood into a new indoor/outdoor garden.

TWO: We have given ourself five years to save up for our dream kitchen so that means for the next half a decade I’m going to be researching kitchens on Pinterest.  I LOVE these open shelves (and navy island).  It’s a great way to show off your dinner and glass ware.  Now if only I could keep my shelves this tidy!

THREE: A few weeks ago we decided to tackle cleaning out a few cabinets in our home office.  I found a MOUNTAIN of wrapping paper.  A lot of will be used for the holidays (Christmas is coming!?!?) but these adorable DIY bags are a great way to use up the rest.  For the tutorial click here.

FOUR: Grey is my favourite colour so it’s no surprise I am IN LOVE with this bedroom from The Effortless Chic.  The moody colour is perfect for relaxing and the soft blue ceiling adds another layer of subtle colour.  For more of this room follow this link or click on the image below.  To get this look at home try walls in Benjamin Moore Whale Grey and ceilings in Benjamin Moore Mr. Rainier Gray.  TIP:  I usually recommend a flat paint on the ceiling to minimize glare.

At our house, shoes come off at the door.  It helps to keep the rest of our floors tidy.  You don’t need a lot of space to create a drop zone for your belongings and this black accent wall is the perfect contrast to rest of this clean bright white space.

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