Friday Favourites October 6th

With a container on the way (yay new stuff!) and a small (okay – BIG) computer glitch this week around the shop has been extra hectic.  It seems like there are just not enough hours in the day and on most nights we have found ourselves taking work home.  To be productive outside of the workplace (and avoid having work life take over home life) carve out a space where you can be organized and productive.  This brings me to the FIRST Friday Favourite Pin – a closet turned home office.  Sure, giving up precious closet may not be ideal but it sure beats spreading out paperwork on the dining room table.

TWO:  I love colour but white rooms can be beautiful too!  Add layers of colour through fabrics, furniture and accessories.  What are some of my go-to Benjamin Moore Whites?  Check our my top picks here.

THREE: If your rooms needs a pop of colour, painting the backs of cabinets or bookshelves in a bold shade is a great way to introduce a strong shade without overpowering the space.  Balance with a great neutral like Benjamin Moore Pale Oak.

FOUR:  I love the recent trend of mixing cool tones with warm metals.  It’s such an unexpected surprise!  This bathroom pairs grey walls, deep navy furniture and antique gold fixtures.  For more of this interior click on the image below.  It’s just as stunning!

FIVE:  My mother-in-law’s least favourite colour may be purple but I’m loving this moody bedroom in a rich deep violet.  For a chic look try a shade that leans more towards the blues and less to the pinks like Benjamin Moore Stunning then layer with lighter fabrics and accessories.

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