My Favourite Fall Inspired Paint Colours

Every year, towards the end of August, I start dreaming about sweater weather.  Not that I don’t enjoy Summer –  but after months of working in the heat I look forward to cooler temperatures.   It’s now September and I’m still wearing shorts but that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about a hot cup of tea, a blanket and the smell of freshly baking pie.

There’s something so cozy about the colours and smells of Fall.  I grew up in New England so by this time of year the leaves are starting to change, there’s a crispness in the air and the smell of apple pie is everywhere.  Now, just because we live on an island doesn’t mean we can’t get the same feeling (minus the winter quilt) at home.  A fresh coat of paint is not only a great way to update the home before the holidays, it’s the perfect opportunity to make your space feel warm and fuzzy.  TIP:  Rich warm tones are also great for making large open spaces feel more intimate.

Let’s start with gold.  First of all, let me start off admitting that I don’t care for yellow.  It’s just not one of my favourite colours.  I don’t own any yellow clothing – none of our rooms are yellow.  Gold, however, I find stunning. It’s richer, more mellow and doesn’t shout quite like yellow does.  Pair it with warm woods like mahogany or cedar and white trim.  For more drama contrast with black furniture or accessories.


Next on the spectrum of Fall colours is orange.  Not to be confused with the bold safely kind, a burnt orange is beautiful in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms – anywhere where you want to feel surrounded by warm comfy colour.  Again, it pairs great with mahogany woods but because it’s darker it will also contrast well with lighter woods like pine or maple.  Add visual interest by incorporating accessories in metallic gold to add sparkle and choose a soft white like Benjamin Moore Cloud White or White Dove on woodwork.  Check out some of my favourite spaces below.


Red can be a hard wall colour to use.  It can quickly overpower a room.  Look for reds with a  hint of brown and use them either on an accent wall or break up the strong colour with an architectural feature like a fireplace.  Balance with a great neutral (like Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan).

Did you know that since green is one of the most dominant colours in nature we find it soothing?  We’re surrounded by green grass, green trees, green veggies so its familiarity is comforting to us.  When looking for the perfect Fall green focus on earthy shades with a hint of sage.


Finally, if you want your home to smell amazing skip store bought air fresheners (they’re full of chemicals and artificial fragrance) and use this stove top recipe instead.

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