4 Easy Bathroom Updates You Can Do This Weekend

I am convinced that part of our 10 year (ALMOST) successful marriage is not sharing a bathroom.  Since we work together, my husband and I get up around the same time and having two bathrooms makes our morning routine so much easier.   When we bought our house I decided to claim the smaller bathroom right off the living room and gave the larger (updated one) off the bedroom to my husband.  I wake up (MUCH) earlier and with a bathroom farther from the bedroom I could get ready in the morning without disturbing him.

Even though I loved having my own bathroom space, I didn’t actually love the space itself.  The previous owners tried to update it but none of the elements matched.  From the counter to the wall tile and down to the floor, nothing was the same shade of blue.  The vanity wasn’t great.  The shower was a weird shape.  It would be nine years until the bathroom got a complete gut job but until then I started making small changes to improve the space I saw first thing in the morning.

While every bathroom is different, there are a few improvements we can all make quickly and on a budget to make our space more attractive.  For example, a new shower curtain and floor rug can instantly transform a plain space.  If you need another excuse, over time those fabrics can get moldy in a damp warm room so it’s a good idea to replace them periodically anyway.  TIP:  For a spa like feel replace that damp bath mat with a teak one.  Here are some of my favourite designs from Pinterest.  For sources click on the images.

While it may not be as quick, painting that old bathroom vanity can make a huge difference, especially if it’s seen better years and investing in a new one is not an option.  Don’t forget to update the hardware and have fun with the colour.  TIP:  With lotions, sprays and makeup, the bathroom vanity can be a pretty grimy space.    Before painting, give your vanity a good scrub with a degreaser to prevent the paint from peeling off.  Also, don’t forget to keep the post-paint water splashing to a minimum.  While the paint may be dry it generally takes a few weeks for the paint to CURE so until then treat your vanity gently.  Need inspiration?  Here are some beautiful Pinterest finds.

For years we lived with an ugly plain mirror in the bathroom until we took a Sunday afternoon and gave it a simple frame made from inexpensive crown molding.  Here are some of my favourite tutorials – just click on the photos.

Finally, it’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do and since a bathroom doesn’t have a whole lot of wall space you won’t spend all weekend painting.  TIP:  Remember to use a mold and mildew resistant paint like Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa and try to avoid using the shower or tub for 24 hours.  Even though the paint will dry in a few hours it will be re-activated by steam and you don’t want all your hard work dripping down the walls.  Here are some of my favourite rooms that have fun with colour.  Don’t forget about the ceiling!

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