Accent Wall Ideas + My Favourite Bold Shades

When picking a colour for walls, I am usually conservative in my paint suggestions – unless it comes to accent walls!  An accent wall is a great way to add bold colour to your home without overwhelming the entire space.  It’s  also a great way bring focus to an architectural feature like a fireplace, a favourite piece of furniture or art.

Need inspiration?  Below I’ve put together some of my favourite spaces.  Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom of this post to see my go-to accent colours and don’t forget to Pin your favourites for later.  For sources, click on the images to be redirected to the original.

You can’t have a conversation about accent walls without starting with RED.  It’s a high energy, high impact colour that’s sure to make a statement.  I love using red in the kitchen, especially when contrasted with crisp white.  Since cabinets and appliances take up a lot of wall space, a strong shade like red won’t take over the room.  Balance it with light woods like pine or maple for warmth (especially in the bedroom) or use it to stimulate your appetite in the dining room.


Just as punchy as red is ORANGE.  Because it’s almost electric I would suggest keeping it out of the bedroom.  Its stimulating nature would make it hard to unwind at the end of the day.  But for that very reason it’s great for brightening your home’s nooks and crannies.  It’s also a perfect compliment to modern decor.


I have to be honest, YELLOW is not one of my favourite colours.  As a matter of fact, you won’t find any yellow walls or decor in our house.  However, for those who like it, it’s another great way to brighten a room. Again, keep it out of spaces meant for relaxing, like bedrooms and nurseries.  Use it instead in bathrooms and kitchens for a burst of sunlight – no matter what the weather might be!


Did you know that since GREEN is one of the dominant colours in nature (think trees, plants, and grass) its familiarity makes it soothing to our eyes?  These accent wall ideas range from bold to moody.  Which one is your favourite?


If you’re looking to create a relaxing space, you can’t go wrong with an accent wall in deep navy.  It’s masculine without feeling too manly and next to grey, my second favourite colour.  Use it in the bedroom to set a soothing tone, in the living room to unwind after a long day or in the bathroom for a bit of drama.  Like that favourite pair of jeans, you can pair it with pretty much anything.

Too dark? Then try these lighter alternatives!


We are truly blessed to enjoy the beautiful colours of the ocean.  That’s why TEAL is one of my favourite island inspired accent wall colours.  It’s beautiful with gold so pair it with the glittery mirror or gilded chair.


Finally, you don’t have to shout to make a statement.  I love how these spaces layer neutrals and draw your eye with rich earthy colours instead of bold shades.


ACCENT WALL TIPS!  Are you thinking of adding an accent wall in your home?  Here are a couple of things to consider.  First, remember that darker colours may need more than one coat of paint to fully cover the colour underneath – especially if you’re making a drastic colour change (for example from white to fire engine red).  A higher quality paint will cover better in less coats so even though it will cost more, you will save quantity and time.  Also, if your walls are less than perfect, use a matte paint to minimize glare and make those imperfections less obvious.

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