Blue + White Kitchens I Love

Ever since we bought our house, we’ve been saving up a little each year to make small home improvements.  It might take a little longer but making small changes over time makes them seem less overwhelming.  Plus by saving and paying for our upgrades in cash we’re not tempted to go over budget and there are no loans to pay off at the end.

So far, we’ve repaired a part of the roof, updated the guest bath, and created a laundry in a side room that we used to store stuff we didn’t need.  In the back of our minds we’ve been gearing up (emotionally and financially) for the biggest project of all – replacing our kitchen.

On the surface, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything wrong with it.  The cabinets and appliances were almost new when we bought the house.  However, the window was not installed correctly so it leaks every time it rains, the walls were never sealed behind the cabinets so they are a constant moldy mess, and the cabinets themselves have started to warp due to the constant moisture.

On the hunt for our dream kitchen, I’ve been scouring Pinterest and House.  Below I’ve put together some of my favourite two tone blue + white kitchens for inspiration.  Don’t forget to Pin your favourites and if you want more information on the design click on the photos to be redirected.

Out kitchen has a ton of cabinets but not all of them are very functional.  Most are too high up for me to reach and they just encourage us to buy (and store) more stuff than we need.  Plus, their bulk makes the space feel smaller.  In our dream kitchen, I would replace a lot of the upper cabinets with open shelving.  Not only is this a great way to show off your stuff, it will open the room.

I love the idea of experimenting with metals.  Blue + white is a cool toned colour scheme but I love warming it up with antique gold or brass hardware.

The same goes for wood.  Adding a butcher block counter or wooden shelves is a great way to make a kitchen feel more homey.

I love grey so blue + white and marble is a combination that’s right up my alley.  For a modern space, combine all three with clean lines and sharp corners.  Here are two of my favourite looks.

I would love to incorporate an island into our kitchen but with the current layout (and concrete walls) I’m not sure we have enough space for one.  It’s not only a great place to pull up a chair for a meal but also the perfect way to add a pop of colour.

Currently, there is no back splash in our kitchen.  It’s a great way to add pattern and we’ll be sure to incorporate it into our future space.

Don’t forget about the accessories!

Finally, here are some of my favourite blues I can’t wait to try in the kitchen!

What’s your must-have for a dream kitchen?  Leave me a comment below!

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