Unique Colour Combinations I Love

If you want to get inspired for your next home decor project there is certainly no shortage of online resources.  But if all those choices are making your head spin, I’ve sorted through my Pinterest boards and picked a few of my favourite colour combinations.  Click on the photos for sources and don’t forget to Pin your favourites for later.

By now you might know that grey is my favourite colour so let’s start there.  If you’re afraid that it can look too cold in your space, pair it with cheerful pink.  I love how these pillows add just enough colour to a white kitchen in the background.

I love creating a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom with a moody grey wall colour.  Bedding is a great way not only to break up a strong shade but also to give your space a new look quickly and on a budget.

Want to give the bathroom a new look?  Why not paint the vanity?  Balance a feminine pink with chic grey walls and simple fixtures.

Want to make your grey feel more modern and fun?  Add pops of yellow like in this kitchen from House Beautiful.  Yellow is a very strong colour so a little goes a long way!

Same goes for the bedroom!  Add a bit of sunshine to a restful space with yellow pillows or lamp.

What are my go-to grey paint colours?

A colour wheel is a great resource for choosing colour combination.   For example, you wouldn’t think that orange and blue make a great pair but since they’re opposite each other on the colour wheel, they’re perfect together!  For example, blue and white is a classic but throw in a pop of orange and you’re got a vibrant dynamic space like this one.

If you have a kitchen island treat it like an accent wall.  In this space, orange curtains stand out against white cabinets.

Planning a space for your little one? Use greyer versions of blue and orange to create a colourful but still restful space.

Another unexpected colour combination?  Blue and green.  The trick to mixing these two is picking shades that are similar in intensity and value.  One shouldn’t be darker than or more vibrant than the other.  Fabrics are a great way to experiment.

Here is a similar idea but with softer shades.

This bedroom feels breezy and open thanks to a bright wall colour.  Again, fresh green is added through fabrics to create a cheerful space perfect for island living.

After grey, blue is my next favourite.  If you love it as much as I do, check out these beautiful shades.

What’s your favourite colour combination?  Leave us a comment below!

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