Feeling Blue – What Goes With Navy?

It’s no secret that I have a thing for the colour grey but navy is a close second.  It’s like that favourite pair of jeans – you can either dress it up or down depending on your mood.  In your home it’s equal parts rich, dramatic and relaxing.

But what goes with navy and how can you use it in your space?  Below are some of my favourite colour combinations.  Some, like white and navy, are a classic. Others, like green and navy, may surprise you.  Don’t forget to Pin your favourites for later and click on the images to learn more about these amazing spaces.

Since grey IS my favourite colour, let’s start with navy + grey.  This blue buffet is the perfect pop of deep colour against a grey wall.  And since this colour combination is cool, warm it up with rich brown leather and  wood.

Since both navy + grey are soothing colours that are soft on the eyes they’re perfect for the bedroom – for kids and adults alike!

If you want to warm up navy try pairing it with orange!  Since they’re opposite each other on the colour wheel they make a great (unexpected) pair.  If you prefer your colour scheme chic and subtle, use a couple of accent pieces like these chairs in a rich burnt orange against a navy kitchen island.

To create a moody space use navy all over punctuated with rusty orange for visual interest.

For a bright and cheerful space go bold and use a clean vibrant orange in pillows, flowers or accessories for a punch of colour.  Against crisp white, this navy + orange combination really stands out.

Don’t forget to experiment with pattern.  These navy and white headboards double as a piece of art!

Now that’s one stylish corner!.  Rugs are a great way to add texture, pattern and colour to your space and I love how this one combines a rich blue with bold magenta.  Notice how this is mirrored in the furniture and pillows.

Spring is the perfect time to decorate with fresh flowers.  It seems like everything is in bloom!  A bright pink bouquet looks stunning in this blue and white vase.

Changing the sheets is an easy way to give your bedroom a new look quickly and on a budget.  Add a scattering of pillows as an accent to crisp white sheets.

If you thought that navy + orange were a unique colour combination, how about navy + green?  The trick to mixing these two colours is picking shades that are similar in value (where one isn’t drastically darker than the other) and tone (where they are both equally bright or subdued).  For example, both the blue and green in this room are bright and clean.

This bedroom uses jewel tones in navy and emerald together for an amazing space.  Notice the use of pattern on the sheets and on the rug.

For a quieter look use the same colour combination but with duller shades and a majority of navy.

If all over colour is too much for your taste, try mixing navy + green in fabrics, accessories and plants like this chic work space.

Finally, don’t forget to experiment with metals and hardware.  Blue is a cool colour but pair it with warm metals like gold or brass and you get decorating magic!  Try this look with mirrors, fixtures or hardware.

Love navy too? Leave us a comment and let us know what your favourite navy + colour is!

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