Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets I Love

When it comes to home improvement there is little doubt that kitchens and bathrooms offer the biggest return.  They are also two of the most expensive spaces to renovate.  But you can still update your home without spending a fortune with a lot of elbow grease and bit of DIY knowhow.

Kitchen cabinets get a lot of wear.  We’re constantly opening and closing them – usually with dirty fingers.  After years of use they can start looking a little rough around the edges, especially in areas where we might have to be a bit aggressive with the cleaning.   If new cabinets are not in the budget you can extend the life of your old ones with a fresh coat of paint.

Flipping through my Pinterest boards, it’s clear that two tone cabinets are very trendy these days.  Think of that pop of colour like an accent wall for your kitchen – just enough to create a focal point but not so overwhelming as to take over the entire space.  But with so many colour combinations picking the right one can be overwhelming. Since painting cabinets can be time consuming it’s not something you want to do again NEXT weekend.  To help inspire your next project I’ve put together some of my favourite spaces below.      Click on the images for sources and don’t forget to Pin YOUR favourites for the future.

First, since I love grey, it’s GREY + WHITE.  It’s contemporary, clean and goes with pretty much anything.  Pair with natural stone like marble or choose a more budget friendly but timeless option like white subway tile.  In smaller spaces pair crisp white with a lighter grey like Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray or in larger spaces try a darker more dramatic shade like Benjamin Moore Deep Space.

Of course, there’s no rule the upper cabinets have to be white.  I love this two tone GREY + CHARCOAL design paired with warm metal accents like these light fixtures and hardware.

You can’t go wrong with BLUE + WHITE.  It’s a classic!   This bright and cheerful combination is great for smaller spaces.

Along the same lines you also can’t go wrong with NAVY + WHITE.  Some of my favourite shades are Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, Van Deusen Blue, and Kensington Blue.

If you want to make a statement try a high contrast colour scheme like BLACK + WHITE.  For a softer more traditional look use a warm white like Benjamin Moore Simply White.  For a modern kitchen pair black with a cooler white like Benjamin Moore Super White.

Being bold can be rewarding!  WHITE + DARK TEAL make a stunning pair in this kitchen.  White subway tile keeps it feeling bright and crisp while gold hardware adds warmth.  Use a rug in the kitchen to add pattern and open shelving to show off your glass or table ware.

Personally, I am not a fan of the modern aesthetic but I love the clean simple lines in this kitchen, not to mention the SOFT GREEN + TEAL colour combination.  It’s just as unusual as the cabinet design and together they make an incredible pair.

Not all two tone cabinets have to be painted.  Use WOOD + WHITE to create a space that still feels warm and rustic but visually exciting. This works great if only a portion of your cabinets need a facelift and equally well in traditional and modern spaces like these.

If painting the kitchen cabinets is a project you want to tackle check out one of our older posts here.  It has a lot of tips to help you along the way!

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