Because Home Projects Are NEVER ENDING!

It seems like there’s ALWAYS something to do around the house!  For the past month we have undertaken our biggest projects to date – repairing a leaky roof and updating a spare room we decided to turn into a laundry while at the same time gutting a leaky bathroom!  Well, good news!  We’ve come a long way in the last few weeks so here’s a progress update.

On the laundry room front, all of our construction is finished!  We can finally use our front door again (the entrance was blocked off when the tile was coming and going down) and there is no longer a giant layer of concrete dust all over our kitchen.  The roof is fixed, the windows are in and the floor is finished!  The washer and drier have finally been moved and after four weeks I’m trying to catch up on the laundry.

The next decision was picking a wall paint colour.  Since we had some masonry repairs, I had to let the concrete dry and cure before priming and painting.  Remember that inside you want to wait at least two weeks and outside at least four weeks.  The room won’t look pretty for a while and that’s a bummer (especially if you’re impatient like me) but waiting prevents blistering and lime burn in the future so it’s worth it.  I started with a coat of Muralo Tite Waterproofing primer.  It has a fine grit which filled in settling cracks in the plaster.  For the paint colour I chose  Benjamin Moore Bruton White CW-710.  For the space it’s the perfect compliment to the walnut tile without looking too beige or too blue.

TIP: Taping up the windows and the floor was tedious and time consuming but well worth it!  My paint job came out clean and tidy and there were no paint drips to clean up!

We still have to order the ceiling fan (I’m totally crushing on this one from Rejuvination) and get the cabinetry made but the room is really coming together.

On the bathroom front (you might recall we had a leaky shower), all the old tile came up off the floor and walls.  In the end, the plaster had to come off the wall too.  Since then, we have re-plastered the walls, moved the plumbing to another wall (it makes so much more sense now) and resent the shower pan.  Plus, I now have a niche so no more stacking the shampoo on the floor!

Since water in this bathroom was an issue we are being extra cautious and covering all the walls with a waterproofing membrane.  It’s orange and that makes me happy!

By the end of the day yesterday there was even some tile on the wall!  We chose a large 10×30 matte white tile for the walls, a marble floor (it’s down but covered with protective paper) and grey grout.  Can’t wait to see it all together!

And just because there was a couple of hours in the day (and who needs to sleep anyway!) I decided to paint the kitchen walls Benjamin Moore Pearl CW-640 to match the new rug.

It was a long day and we woke up a little sore this morning (dragging around a ladder is hard work!) but everyday we’re a little closer to getting our lives back to normal.

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