Decorating The Hallway

There are some spaces that we take for granted.  Sure, decorating the kitchen is way more exciting than the hallway but that doesn’t mean this pass through room should be ignored.  As a matter of fact, the long flat walls lend themselves to all sorts of beautiful designs so I’ve been searching through Pinterest for my favourite ways to make the hallway feel less of an afterthought.

If you have a collection of family photos or favorite artwork, create a gallery wall in the hallway to show it off.  I love this modern grey and white high contrast colour scheme and clean lines.  Don’t forget to experiment with your frame lay out but it’s always a good idea to plan out your arrangement ahead of time with tape or cardboard.

A lot of people are scared to use dark colours in small spaces but a rich wall paint can have a stunning effect. Go bold like this deep navy and white hallway from Houzz!

Make the walls architecturally interesting.  A couple of years ago we added paneling and crown molding to our narrow hallway and it made a huge difference.   Here are a couple of my favourite designs.

End on a high note.  Place a large piece of art, hang a mirror or add a statement piece of furniture at the end of a hallway.

Speaking of mirrors,  use them to reflect light back into a small hallway to make it feel larger and brighter.

Got doors? Skip the white paint and choose a dramatic colour instead to make them a piece of art in their own right.  I love this chic grey and white hallway!

Use those tight corners to your advantage.  A small table, a candle or a vase with fresh flowers is perfect for creating a cozy nook like this one from Houzz.

Hallways usually don’t get a lot of light so have fun with your fixtures! It’s another great way to add style to the hall.

Which of these design ideas have you used at home? Leave us a comment below!

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