To Make An Omelette You Have To Break Some…TILES!?

I do not love home renovations for two major reasons – I am not a patient person (apparently these things take time) and I do not cope with mess very well.  So when our contractor came to fix the leaky roof AT THE SAME TIME that the bathroom shower sprung a leak I was thrown into a major state of anxiety – which I am still currently enjoying by the way.

Let me back track.  A couple of years ago I decided that our guest bath – which I use to get ready in the morning – needed some small updates.  I replaced the vanity, shower pod, and floor tile.  The end result was great and I managed to get it done on a reasonable budget.  What I didn’t know what that for months our freshly installed shower pan was leaking water under the tile floor.  We only caught the problem when the water damage spread to our wooden living room floors.   So a couple of weeks ago we found ourselves once again with a toilet in the living room while the shower and floor tile were being ripped out.

To make matters more complicated, taking up the floor tile damaged the wall tile and since I didn’t have enough of either to make the repairs, it was back to the tile store to buy new floor AND wall tile.  After the sticker shock wore off I was starting to get excited about the new bathroom look (large matte white wall tiles with marble floor and grey grout) UNTIL the tile came off the wall and we discovered that the previous owners plastered on top of old paint.  So now all the plaster had to come off the walls.  SURPRISE!

And remember how I said we also had a leaky roof?  A part of our roof was in desperate need of repair and we were planning on getting it fixed this Summer but our contractor had an opening and showed up at our house last week.  We figured if the roof is being repaired why not replace the windows that were so corroded they no longer opened?  And hey, why not retile the floor while we’re at it!?

So here we are, two weeks in with no roof, walls, and windows.  But you what what we do have?  DUST!  It’s everywhere.  A very fine powder has settled onto everything we own.  I’ve been told that it will get better soon.  In the meantime, you can find me in the bedroom which is the only place not covered from ceiling to floor with dirt or plastic sheeting.

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  1. skyfall19blog

    When it rains, it pours… Look forward to seeing the ‘after’ pics! Marble floor and grey grout sound right up my alley.


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