DIY With Old Windows

When I was growing up, my maternal grandparents had a farm – and let me tell you, their home looked nothing like the trendy farmhouses you see all over HGTV and Pinterest these days.  It was RUSTIC – and not in a cute way.

While we all love our indoor plumbing, air conditioning and other modern conveniences, it’s those lived-in, handmade elements that make a house feel like a cozy home.  Sure, PVC windows may be low maintenance, efficient and durable but they don’t have the character of those old wood windows with their wood detail and chippy paint.

Good news!  Now you can all the charm of farmhouse living without all the farmhouse living challenges.  No one wants to make that pre-dawn trip to the water pump just to brush their teeth, right?  As we upgrade our homes with the latest and greatest materials, there are tons of places you can find old doors, windows and hardware perfect for a DIY project.

Old windows especially are super easy to turn into everything from headboards, to picture frames, or even cabinets and tables.  Below are some of my favourite examples.  Don’t forget to pin YOUR favourites for later and click on the images for sources.

Let’s start in the bedroom (I LOVE sleep).  Buying a large headboard can be expensive but for a fraction of the cost you can give your bed weight and definition by hanging a collection of old windows.  You can paint them a colour complimentary to your decor and voila – instant headboard.

If you can get your hands on fancy ones like these – even better!

Life can get pretty hectic but it’s easy to stay organized with a chalkboard.  Paint the panes in old windows to keep your family on schedule and on track.

Add some hooks and hang it in the entry!

If you’re a bit handy, you can even use the windows as doors and create a beautiful rustic cabinet perfect for any room.  There’s even a tutorial here.

How great would this window coffee table look in the living room?  Use it as a shadow box to display your favourite treasures.

It doesn’t get more rustic than Mason jars.  These double as sweet flower vases.  Inside an old window frame they are simply charming.

Bottom line – old windows are pretty. You don’t have to do a whole lot to make a beautiful gallery wall like this one.

What’s your favourite way to recycle?  Leave us a comment below!

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