Neutrals That Are Anything But Boring

Let’s face it – beige gets a bad reputation.  Even the mere mention usually elicits a yawn and immediate dismissal.  Most people associate it with boring dated spaces and skip over it for more exciting paint colours.

But beige can be beautiful, timeless and the perfect background for colourful accessories, artwork, and furniture.  Since it doesn’t stimulate the senses, it can be the perfect calming choice for creating a relaxing vibe in any room (especially helpful in the bedroom).  Want to create a spa like bath – try a neutral!

Most people lump all neutrals into the “beige” category but that is not necessarily true.  Greys, especially ones on the warm side, make a great all over wall paint colour that will match pretty much anything.  Beiges themselves can run the spectrum from yellow to blush to grey.

What are some benefits of painting your walls in a neutral tone?  You can use one colour for the entire living space creating great flow.  When painting a room, remember that rooms do not exist by themselves – they are part of a larger home and have to transition from one space to the next.   If you love to periodically redecorate by changing out your rug, furniture or artwork, you won’t have to change your paint colour.  In larger spaces with high ceilings this can be especially challenging, time consuming and if you’re hiring a professional – expensive.

So what are some of my favourite neutrals?  At the top of the list would have to be Benjamin Moore Seapearl OC-19.  In smaller rooms, use it on walls and ceilings to eliminate contrast and make rooms feel larger.  In larger rooms, pair with crisp white trim.  Because it has a hint of grey is feels contemporary but still warm and it pairs beautifully with any wood, tile or stone.  Just check out this kitchen from Houzz.  The walls are Seapearl and the cabinets are Edgecomb Gray (we’ll get back to this shade further down).

My go-to neutral by far is Benjamin Moore Gray Owl 2137-60.  It’s gray but not cold and if you hold it up to other colours it almost comes across as having a HINT of earthy green.  I love it so much I wrote about it twice (you can check out the links here and here).  I love it in this living room from Houzz because demonstrates beautifully how you can use it with almost any colour.

It takes on a totally different feel in this bathroom.

Here is Gray Owl on kitchen cabinets!

My husband hates the word “greige” but it totally sums up Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray HC-173.  It is equal parts grey and beige but darker and warmer than any of the colours so far.  It is the perfect compliment for crisp white woodwork, kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity.  Just check out these amazing spaces! To see more don’t forget to click on the photos.

For the ultimate beige you can’t go wrong with Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige HC-80.  I mean, it even has BEIGE in the name!  Out of the neutrals in this post, it’s the darkest with a gold undertone and the most traditional out of the bunch.  Use it with bright white trim or cabinets, warm woods and earth toned accessories.  Below is a stunning interior from Homebunch that shows off this colour beautifully.

What is your favourite neutral paint colour? Leave me a comment below!

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8 Responses to “Neutrals That Are Anything But Boring”

  1. seacoastpaintpros

    I recently did a consultation with a customer getting ready to sell their mcmansion. The kitchen/dining had all the standard high end features – granite countertops, modern cabinets, fancy trim, wainscotting, etc. She asked me for color recommendations and I said I strongly suggest a light gray beige because you want all your darker features to stand out. She thought I was crazy and said she wanted a vibrant blue that was more exciting. I haven’t been called back. I’m sure she will enjoy her choice and that is all that matters.

    • Rowe Spurling Paint Company

      I agree with your choice. If you use a more neutral wall paint colour you can hang a vibrant blue painting on the wall and still have a pop of colour without overwhelming the space. Also, if she’s getting ready to sell her house it will be much easier for potential buyers to envision their things in a neutral space. But you’re right – at the end of the day the customer has to be happy.


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