Old Mantle To New Headboard!

Whenever I tell my husband I found something on Pinterest his first impulse is to run out of the room screaming.  It usually means I’ve been thinking of a new home project where he will have to do the bulk of the work.  Well, now that the store is closed for the holidays I have few days to put my feet up, recharge the batteries and start scheming of home projects for next year.

A couple of nights ago, while I was browsing holiday decoration ideas online, I found the most romantic and cozy bedroom where someone more creative than me turned an old fireplace mantle in a headboard.  I immediately fell in love and started to do some research.  Turns out – it’s a thing – a thing I would love to do.

In case you think I’m crazy here are some of my favourite designs from Pinterest starting with the one that inspired this whole project in the first place!  If you want to learn more about these spaces don’t forget to click on the photos to be redirected.

I first came across this bedroom from Tidbits while looking for new Christmas decorating ideas.  I’m a sucker for anything cozy so this fireplace mantle headboard with it’s rustic colour and soft lines all decked out for the holidays caught my eye.  Sure, the weather in Bermuda in December hovers somewhere around 70 degrees but that doesn’t mean I can’t pretend that there’s a white Christmas outside.

In this bedroom from Houzz the opening of the fireplace is filled with a soft tufted material for added texture.

The guest room is a great place to experiment with design and a smaller bed would be easier to fit with a mantle headboard.  Add a touch of home with fresh flowers.  They’re perfect for a pop of colour.

Road trip! After some digging I was able to find this amazing shop which sells an impressive amount of architectural antiques (including some gigantic fireplace mantles perfect for our project) but if you can’t find an old one head on over to Ana White’s tutorial and make your own to fit.

Or if you don’t have a lot of space compromise on a mantle shelf.  You can still decorate it with your favourite photos or accessories but it’s much easier to install.  Pottery Barn and I have good taste!

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