Simple But Stunning DIY Candleholders

Every year, we host a Thanksgiving dinner for all of our Bermudian friends.  It’s become a tradition and with every year the turkey seems to be getting bigger!  If I have to be totally honest, I almost prefer Thanksgiving to Christmas – there’s no pressure to find the perfect gift and I don’t spend all month taking out then repacking the decorations after the holidays are over.  I cook, we eat, everyone goes home happy and after the dishes are done it’s over.

By now, I’ve come up with a pretty efficient system of cooking so there’s usually some down time while the turkey is in the oven.  This year, I defied my husband’s ban on glitter and decided to dress up the outside walkway with sparkly DIY tea light holders – because when you’re cooking for twenty there’s always time for arts and crafts.  I had all the supplies and you might too but even if you have to run out to the craft store for a couple of items these won’t break the bank.

Let’s start with the materials.  Every once in a while we’ll stop by the grocery store and get these delicious chocolate mousse desserts.  They come in the most adorable little glass bowls.  Over a year, we’ve managed to collect quite a few (which is why we signed up a gym membership) and since they’re too nice to throw away, we’ve been stashing them in the cupboard.   You can also make these with drinking glasses or mason jars – or go out and buy some chocolate mousse from Miles Market.  You’ll also need Mod Podge (Elmer’s Glue will work in a pinch), a small brush (whatever you have on hand) and glitter.

Do yourself a favour and go outside.  Glitter is notorious for going EVERYWHERE and you’ll be cleaning it up for weeks.   Start by covering the inside of your glass dish with Mod Podge about halfway up the container.  This doesn’t have to be perfect.

While the Mod Podge is still wet, pour in the glitter and swirl around until all of the Mod Podge is covered.

Repeat the same process on the outside.  Cover the sides with Mod Podge…

…then roll in glitter until everything is covered.  It’s easier to pour out some glitter into a large paper bowl or plate.  That way you can recycle the left over glitter for next time.

The Mod Podge will look milky when it’s wet but when it’s dry it’s crystal clear.  In a couple of hours, those plain glass container will look a little something like this!

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