What You Can Do With A Sheet Of Plywood

A couple of years ago Hurricane Gonzalo damaged our front door.  I hate to admit it’s been so long but we FINALLY got around to having a new door installed a couple of days ago.  At the same time, it was the perfect opportunity to block in an old window that was on the verge of falling out anyway.  Two birds – one (very heavy concrete) stone!  Since the project took two days, we spent one of them with a sheet of plywood covering the hole that would soon be our new door.  Afterwards, it was a shame to throw out perfectly good wood after only 24 hours of use so I started thinking – what can you turn a sheet of plywood into?

Now, if you used plywood to protect your windows for Hurricane Nicole this October, chances are you’ve got a couple of sheets lying around the house.   You probably also have some left over house paints,  tape, and basic tools.  That’s all you need to turn that boring sheet of plywood into beautiful modern art!  Here are two great examples I found on Pinterest.

Here’s another stunningly simple plywood project.  Since most sheets are 4’x8′ they make the perfect no-fuss minimalist headboard.  Tip:  No one likes splinters in their head.  Sand down the plywood with 240 grit paper and seal with a clear waterbased sealer like General Finishes High Performance Clear.  Keep it looking natural with a flat finish.

If you have some left-over wall paint around, why not give it some colour?

Or cut out simple triangles and layer for a funky design like this one.

I LOVE doing laundry (I’m actually doing some right now!).  Sure, it’s a chore but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish.  Remodeling the laundry room may not be at the top of everyone’s list but you don’t need a huge budget to make this space not only more functional but also more attractive.  Click on the image below to learn how to make this simple and inexpensive DIY plywood counter from Vintage Revivals.

Here’s a simple way to keep the entry tidy!  Make a fun and functional plywood wall organizer to hand purses, keys, and jackets.  Plus, you can easily move the pegs to change the layout or add a shelf.  Click on the image below to see how you can make one of your own!

On a larger scale, you can also do this in the kitchen to create a modular design.

If you’re comfortable with basic tools here is a project that’s looks anything but homemade.  This stacked plywood bench is also a great way use plywood when you may not have a full sheet or if some edges are damaged.  For the step by step tutorial click below.

And since you have your tools out why not compliment your new bench with a side table?  It’s easy with step by step instructions from Shelterness.

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