How To Cozy Up Your Home For Fall

First, let me say that when I first started this blog two years ago, I though that maybe ten people would read it and most of those would be family members.  I am constantly humbled and amazed that we have over 100,000 (!!!) readers that visit from dozens of countries, comment and ask us questions (hello Nick from Michigan).

I great up in New England so October was filled with falling leaves, apple picking and baking pies!  In Bermuda, much like for our friends at Douglas Elliman in Florida, the temperatures are still in the 70’s. So, while we’re far from sweater weather, that doesn’t mean we can’t add an extra dose of coziness to our homes!

Let’s start with smell.  I love coming home at night and burning a candle to give our living room a subtle fragrance.  During the hotter months my husbands protests that even the slightest flame makes him warmer so I save this ritual for Fall.  Every Christmas I ask for a Cire Trudon candle from The Irish Linen Shop.  They don’t come cheap but they burn for a really long time, the fragrance isn’t overpowering or perfumy and the glass containers with their gold labels make beautiful fireplace decor long after the wax has melted.   My current favourite for fall is Solis Rex.  The description says Versailles Wooden Floors and it smells like – well – old wooden floors.  It’s earthy and rich without smelling musty.

You can also make your home smell amazing by boiling a few simple ingredients on the stove.  Mix Fall favorites like apples, cinnamon, orange and cloves, simmer on the stove and sit back as the rooms fill up with a warm scent.  Click on the image below to get some great recipes.  BONUS:  You probably have most of these ingredients already in your pantry and don’t have to worry about  the harsh chemicals that can be found in artificial home fragrances.

Saturday nights at our house are usually laundry nights (exciting right?) so tonight I’m washing the blankets that have spend the Summer in storage.  A cozy throw is not only a great way change up your decor quickly and on a budget, what’s better than cuddling up under a soft blanket with a cup of tea?  Confession – I have been known to turn the air conditioning on just so I could curl up on the couch in my PJ’s.   We have a great pair of cable knit blankets in grey  but if you want to bring in Fall colours, try a rich red or chic cream.

During the Summer I probably don’t cook as often as I should (or would like to) but I can’t bear turning on the oven when it’s 90 degrees in the kitchen.  Now that it’s cooler, I’m roasting a chicken and baking chocolate chip cookies for tomorrow.  Warm up the dinner table by swapping out your Summer table linens for ones in earth tones.  Layer with seasonal greens, fruits and vegetables to turn a meal into an event.   Here are a few ideas I found on Pinterest.

A post from the paint store wouldn’t be complete without talking about wall colours, right?  To warm up any space look for earth tones of sage green, rich gold, deep red or cozy brown.  Just remember that darker colours will make rooms feel smaller so they’re great for making large open rooms feel more intimate.  If you’re afraid of making your spaces feel too small use a Fall colour on an accent wall and balance with a lighter neutral.  If you want to experiment with darker coolers try the kitchen where walls are broken up by cabinets and appliances.  If you’re looking for some great choices start with your favourite paint company’s historical colors palette.  Here are a few of my favourites from Benjamin Moore!

I usually don’t recommend that you pick a paint colour based the name but Buttered Yam AF-230 really is as delicious for Fall as it sounds.  It’s a rich shade of orange that will feel cozy but not too brown and bright but not electric.

It seems like no matter how many rooms there are, everyone always gathers in the kitchen.  Try an olive green on the cabinets for a stunning out-of-the-box look or play it safe and use it on the walls.  Green is a beautiful compliment to wooden cabinets.  To add warmth look for greens with more yellow than blue undertones like Benjamin Moore Tate Olive HC-112, Saybrooke Sage HC-114 or Louisburg Green HC-113.

Red can be a hard colour to use at home – especially on a large scale.  Look for reds with brown undertones and remember that if you have a lot of natural light, colours will look more vibrant on the walls.  A couple of my favourites for Fall are Benjamin Moore Spanish Red 1301, Warm Sienna 1203 and Tucson Red 1300.  For visual interest, and to add a bit of glamour, pair red with gold or brass.

Just like a cup of hot chococate, a rich brown is a wonderful choice for making rooms feel warm and intimate.  Personally, I love it in the bedroom where you want to feel cozy and relaxed.  Pair with crisp white for a more modern space or add shades of cream and beige for a softer look.  Don’t forget to throw on a fluffy blanket!  On walls try Benjamin Moore Whitall Brown HC-69, Benjamin Moore Grandfatherclock Brown 2096-30 or Cup O Java 1246.

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