COLOR SPOTLIGHT – Benjamin Moore Silver Fox

I will never forget the first customer I made Benjamin Moore Silver Fox for.  She had a couple of paint choices in front of her but ultimately decided on Silver Fox because that’s the one her husband preferred.  It just so happened that his hair was starting to turn grey so I made a joke about him being her “silver fox.”  Even after many years I still have a chuckle every time I mix that shade.

If you’re looking for a warm smokey taupe, Silver Fox is the way to go.  Think cocoa powder – it’s definitely more brown than grey.   It’s also quite saturated (so it won’t look washed out in large spaces) and a bit moody so it’s perfect for making any room feel cozy and comfortable.  I usually love white trim and woodwork but try Silver Fox with soft creams instead to lessen the contrast.  It would look lovely with Benjamin Moore White Dove or Sea Pearl.

Below are some of my favourite rooms using Silver Fox – but there’s a catch.  I love getting colour inspiration online but there can be a giant difference between the way a colour looks on your computer and the way it looks in real life.  Often photos of interiors are edited which can alter the colour and even though all of these rooms are painted in the same shade they will look different.  This kitchen from Houzz however is probably the most accurate representation of Silver Fox so let’s start here.

Let me start off by saying that my kitchen will never be this tidy but if you want to make your space feel bigger, getting rid of (or hiding away) clutter is a great place to start.  I also love the open shelves.  It’s a great way to show off your dinnerware or kitchen decor and see more of your paint colour.  And really, who doesn’t want a chandelier in the kitchen?

Continuing with the clean and uncluttered, a great neutral in the bathroom will create a calm and spa like space.  Remember that bright colours are a lot of fun but they can also be very high energy and stimulating to the senses so if you want to relax skip the bright yellow and try a muted shade like Silver Fox.  Incorporate colour with towels, artwork or a shower curtain if you have one.

I love sleep so the bedroom is one of my favourite spaces.  Here’s a great example of how a pop of colour in accessories can cheer up a neutral space without taking over.  It also shows how Silver Fox can pair with white and other shades of beige.

Did you notice that the weather has gotten just a bit cooler?  I celebrated by taking out the blankets for the living room couch!  I love how cozy these creams look with Silver Fox on the living room wall.


This living room is more formal but also mixes shades of white, beige and Silver Fox on the walls to create a stylish but comfortable space.

And here’s a balance between the last two living rooms.  Not as casual as the first but not as structured as the  second.  It also uses Silver Fox as a background for layers of other neutrals but brings in more rustic touches.  Try Silver Fox with whitewashed, lime washed, or weathered furniture and accent pieces.

Stay tuned next week as we reveal the Benjamin Moore Color Of The Year for 2017.  I can’t wait to see what the trend setters will pick!

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