Eight Things You Can Upcycle With A Quart Of Paint

Last weekend we spent most of our time fixing up and painting the downstairs apartment.  After we were finished it was time to pack up the remaining supplies and return them to the garage.  We left some of our left over paint for future touch ups – the rest we disposed of in the bin at the shop.

Chances are, just like us, you probably have some left over paint at home too.  Unused for a couple of years, the cans will go rusty and eventually the paint will develop a foul smell.  Before you have to throw it out why not put it to use? You don’t need a lot of paint to finish these project and since they won’t take a lot time either, you can get pretty instant gratification.

Below are some of my favourite projects perfect for a Sunday afternoon.  Click on each image for sources and handy tutorials.

Fancy plant pots can be expensive but with a bit of white paint you can dress up plain terra cotta ones in under an hour. It’s also a great way to clean up any old pots you may have kicking around the yard.

Did you know that most latex (waterbased paint) can be used on fabric?  To keep the paint from cracking, thin it with a bit of water.  For a modern look tape out a geometric design and match up the colour to your existing decor.

A quart of paint is enough to do two coats on an average size door.  Why not experiment with colour and try a bold shade like this yellow?  It’s sure to cheer up even the rainiest of days!

Designer rugs can be expensive and hard to find so why not make your own?  Buy a more budget friendly floor covering in jute or sisal then have fun making it your own.

Though very practical, stairs are hardly exciting but you can make them a stunning part of your design by painting them a bold colour.  A porch and patio paint designed for floors is a great way to give your floors a new look without spending a fortune.  TIP: A waterbased floor paint will dry quickly but won’t be ready for foot traffic for about 24 hours.  Make sure you plan accordingly!

Lampshades, especially white ones, can get dingy with time.  A fun colour and print is the perfect way to give them a new look.

Even though it will take a bit more time than painting a lampshade, painting the bathroom vanity will be well worth the effort.  Before you get started, make sure to give it a good scrub with a heavy duty degreaser like Krud Kutter.  It will get rid of residue left by lotions, perfumes or bathroom sprays and ensure your paint goes on smoothly.

Make your own large scale art for a steal.  You’ll need a large canvas or piece of plywood, a good quality painter’s tape for clean lines and a small amount of paint in your favourite colour.

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