8 Times Gold Made A Room Better

I will be the first to admit that tastes change.  Growing up I didn’t like olives or skinny jeans.  And while I still love anything grey I HAVE expanded my palette in both food and decor.

Along with my love of grey goes my affinity for cool metals like silver and stainless but in recent months my Pinterest has been flooded with photos of glamorous interiors featuring gold accents – everything from picture frames to kitchen faucets.  With its warm glow, gold (in moderation) gives any room instant sparkle.  Below are some of my favourite spaces.  Don’t forget to Pin YOUR favourites and remember to click on the images for sources.

First, let’s start with the kitchen.  A couple of years ago I replaced all the cabinet handles and it made a huge difference.  I used stainless since that matches the rest of our appliances but I love the way these gold ones warm up white cabinets.   Add a matching faucet and light fixture to get a stunning space like this one!

If your hardware doesn’t need replacing or if you think this is TOO MUCH gold, try a simple but effective touch like these shelf brackets.  They add just the right amount of sparkle and I’m loving them paired with black.

Just like in the kitchen, new hardware and a fresh coat of paint on that old bathroom vanity can make a big difference.  Black and gold are a timeless combination and this has been one of my favourite Pinterest bathrooms for a while.   Simple clean lines keep it feeling modern without being sterile and marble adds to the lux look.

If you love making a statement, take black and gold to the next level and layer a dramatic light fixture against bold black walls.

Or if you’re not that brave, you can’t go wrong with a simple gold coffee table stacked with your favourite books.  For visual interest throw in hot pink and a fun pattern like leopard print!

You can also use a similar principle to make a stylish impression on your guests.  Mirrors are not only great accessories but can be used to reflect light into small dark spaces making them instantly feel larger and brighter.

Finally, if you love DIY, use a bit of gold paint and tape to dress up plain terra cotta pots!  Use them to instantly dress up a plain window sill!

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