Small Space Entry Solutions

In our apartment there is no entry or foyer.  You literally walk through the door into the middle of the living room.  The temptation is to throw bags and coats on the back of the chair and keys on the kitchen counter which (especially in a small space) can quickly clutter up the house.  So for the past few weeks I have been spending my evenings searching Pinterest for inspiration on how to improve our small space entry.  Click on the photos for sources and don’t forget to Pin your favourites for later.

At our house, shoes come off at the door.  With less dirt being tracked through the house, clean up is easier and faster (who wants to vacuum everyday?).  So it only makes sense that the first item on my small space entry is shoe storage.  One of the simplest ways to control messes is making a tray using an old cookie sheet and some pretty pebbles like this!

Or if you have a little extra time you can make a fancier version like this one.

You can also ask your local wine supplier for some old crates and make a stackable version like this.

Now that the shoes are under control it’s time to move onto the bags, coats and keys.  When I was younger I remember my parents constantly nagging me to control the mountain of clothes thrown on a chair in my room.  Now that I’m older with a home of my own I appreciate a tidy space so hooks by the front door are a must.

Make the most of a small wall with two rows of hooks and hang bags/keys on the top and sweaters/coats on the bottom.

You can personalize them with chalkboard like this stunning entry.

If you’re crafty, I LOVE this industrial coat rack (click on the image for the tutorial) you can make on the weekend.  The shelf is a great place to arrange fun artwork or family photos or extra storage (who doesn’t need more of that).

Sometimes life can get hectic but keeping track of family activities is fun and easy with a chalkboard.  It’s fast, easy and a breeze to update.

Finally, to avoid doing the flamingo dance while leaning against the wall (probably with dirty hands) it’s helpful to have some sort of seating in your small space.

Benches are always a great idea because you can use the space underneath for storage.

I usually “clean” by locking clutter away behind a closet door.  After all, if you can’t see it then it doesn’t exist.  Storage benches are the perfect solution if you want to see “stuff” in the entry.

Stay tuned to see what Pinterest ideas we use for our apartment!

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