Give Chartreuse A Chance

There are literally thousands of paint colours to choose from but over the years, I have narrowed down my go-to shades to a few dozen that work in pretty much every situation (hello Benjamin Moore Gray Owl).  But it’s easy to fall into a rut and pick the same neutrals over and over so sometimes you have to shake things up with a colour that’s outside of your comfort zone.

Well, chartreuse is WAY outside of my comfort zone but it’s a colour that’s been popping up on my Pinterest boards more and more.  It’s a very unique tone of yellow/green and is sure to make an impact in any space.  If you’re having trouble imagining how you can use it at home, I’ve pulled some of my favourite spaces below.  Click on the images for sources and don’t forget to Pin your favourites for later.

If you’re colour shy start small.  Let’s forget for a moment that the space below is pretty much the laundry room of my dreams and focus on how well those chartreuse stools work with the soft seafoam cabinet colour and funky floor.  It’s just enough colour to add energy to the space without being too noticeable.

Another great way to start small with chartreuse is with fabrics or artwork.  New pillows for the couch or bed are a great budget friendly way to change up the look of your home quickly (because instant gratification is awesome).  Don’t be afraid to mix patterns.  The trick is to keep them all in the same colour family like these!

Last week, I wrote about making the most of your doors and turning them into a design element.  Well, let’s not forget the front door.  It will be hard to miss your house with a chartreuse front door but it’s a great way to have some fun with colour.

Grey (I had to sneak my favourite colour in somewhere) goes great with chartreuse and this cool tone creates an interesting contrast to the funky chair.  Use plants, especially vibrant green and yellow ones, to tie chartreuse into the rest of your space so it won’t feel so out of place.

Another way to add colour in small doses is painting the inside of bookcases! Kids are sure to get a kick of this fun look.

If you’re not afraid of colour, go all out and paint an accent wall in chartreuse.  It fits this modern interior perfectly and is balanced by warm brown on the ceiling and plenty of white.  Don’t forget about flow! Notice how the pillows in the bedroom pick up the wall colour?

For large spaces pair chartreuse with another saturated colour like navy.  If you’re not afraid of commitment,  try a sofa in a punchy shade like this one.

The kitchen is a great place to experiment with strong colour.  Since most of the wall space is taken up by cabinets and appliances, a bold colour won’t overwhelm the room.  Painting won’t take long and in an afternoon you can have a whole new look.

Again, chartreuse goes well with grey. Plus, painting the insides of cabinets is a fun way to show off colourful dinnerware and glasses.

In the bedroom, a high energy colour like chartreuse all over the walls would make it hard to relax so limit it to accessories like artwork, pillows or other small decor.

White rooms are the perfect blank canvas for pops of colour.  If you can’t paint the walls (especially if you’re renting) you can still have fun with your home by using bright colours in the decor.

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