9 Ideas For A Painted Ceiling

I work with my husband. We’re together all day so there aren’t a lot of opportunities to sneak in a surprise home project.  That’s why when he goes away my philosophy is “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission.”  The last time that meant painting our white living room ceiling Benjamin Moore Cinder which I love and he apparently doesn’t but is being a good sport about it.

For years I’ve been a huge fan of a crisp white ceiling in a dead flat finish but tastes change, especially when there are so many beautiful and creative spaces on Pinterest and Houzz.  The truth is, a ceiling doesn’t have to be white – or in a flat finish for that matter.  To get you thinking outside the box, I’ve put together some of my favourite spaces below.  Click on the image for sources and don’t forget to Pin YOUR favourites for later.

White tile may be timeless and classic but add grey grout with a ceiling to match and you have a stunning space that’s sure to make an impression.  TIP: Bathrooms can be damp and when paired with poor air flow and warmer temperatures, a breeding ground for mold.  Try a specialty paint like Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa for a more durable finish that will resist mildew growth.

The ceilings in our house have always been painted with a flat paint.  It helps to hide surface imperfections and gives the impression of a smoother wall, especially when you turn on the lights.  However, if you want to make a statement try a high gloss finish.  It will look its best on a PERFECTLY SMOOTH surface and will give your space a chic glow.

If you’re not afraid of colour try painting the ceiling and walls in a bold shade like this rich green.  Contrast with white molding, doors or architectural trim.

Adding a soft pink paint colour, especially on the ceiling, is a great way to give your room a warm glow.  I love it as part of this nursery colour scheme!

If you’re been following along you know by now that grey is my favourite colour.  In this bedroom, it’s the ceiling and not the wall that are painted in a moody shade. I love how the paint colour has been brought down a bit on the walls to create a faux molding.  TIP:  This look would be great for spaces with taller ceilings.  It will bring them down making your room feel cozier and more intimate.

If you don’t love grey as much as I do, here’s a similar look from Houzz using hot pink!

Before you try this look you might want to book a neck massage and invest in a laser level.  It’s going to be time consuming but the results are stunning!

Or you can start small with a ceiling stencil around a light fixture.  It’s a great alternative to ceiling medallions and you won’t have to take off your light.

Finally, if you really want to wow, try a metallic paint like Modern Masters.  This warm pink and gold combination make the dining room feel inviting and warm.  When applying, use a roller designed for smooth surfaces, work quickly and make sure to roll lightly over lap marks to make your ceiling look as streak free as possible.  Remember, glossier paints highlight imperfections.

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  1. Lesley

    Nice article! I like the stencil and that hot pink ceiling a lot!

    • Rowe Spurling Paint Company

      Thank you for visiting! That pink ceiling is HOT and certainly not for the colour shy. The stencil is a quick and easy way to fake a ceiling medallion and won’t take more than 30 minutes to apply. Have a great afternoon!


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