9 Cheap And Cheerful Home DIY’s

My husband finds it very ironic that after a day filled with making paint I come home and relax by looking at paint colours.  In the evening you can usually find him on the couch and me at the table flipping through my favourite Pinterest boards.  I am always amazed at how creative people – usually with things already around the house!

Weekends are great for DIY so this week I’ve put together some of my favourite cheap and cheerful projects that won’t break the bank.

Every year without fail we always buy new Christmas lights.  Over the years we’ve built up quite a tangled collection and it’s always so sad to pack them away in January for the next 11 months.  Now you can enjoy that twinkle all year along AND decorate the bedroom at the same time!  Make a simple wire frame in the shape of your choice (I love this cloud design), wrap it in lights and plug in for instant glow.

And speaking of the bedroom, if you need a nightstand in a hurry and on a budget, you can make this simple one out of three cinder blocks.  I would probably spring for a nicer light but I love how the holes create instant storage.

A few weeks ago I embarked on a kitchen cleaning frenzy.  Everything came out of the cabinets and I was amazed at all the STUFF we had.  You really get perspective when the contents of your kitchen is on the living room floor.  If you’re anything like me, at the bottom of the drawer you’ll find some mismatched utensils but instead of tossing them why not make this funky light fixture perfect for the kitchen?

Speaking of things that are mis-matched, I’ve broken a few plates in my day.  I always felt bad for the pieces that were left over – the saucers with no cups and a random 5 matching plates.  They always get banished to the back of the shelf.  Why not show them off by creating a feature wall?   You’ll get instant art on the cheap and a chance to enjoy some of your favourite china again.

Most days, I wish I had an extra few hours and inevitably, work always finds its way home.  If you need a tidy office in a hurry, put together two metal filing cabinets as the supports to a simple plywood top and you’ll have an organized workspace in no time.  If you’re feeling creative give those old cabinets a fresh coat of paint!

Chalkboard paint is super fun and there are so many ways to use it outside of the classroom.  Keep you family organized by making a huge calendar so everyone knows what’s going on.  TIP:  Make sure you read the instructions on the back of the paint can.  Our Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint dries very fast (1-2 hours) but takes 3 days to cure before you can write on it.

If you need building material but are on a tight budget, palettes are a great source of wood for DIY.  You can make this simple coffee table with four casters, paint and sandpaper!  We’re always happy to donate palettes so if you see them stacked on the side of the building help yourself!  TIP:  Palette wood can be rough so always handle with care and use gloves to protect your hands from splinters and nails.  Before using I always run an electric sander with 60-80 grit paper to smooth our any imperfections but still leave the wood feeling rustic.

At our house shoes always come off at the door.  It keeps the dirt off our rugs and makes cleaning easier.  This year there were a lot of rainy days and I sure wish I had a boot tray like this one to help control the mud.  You can make your own with an old cookie sheet (remember that kitchen clean-out) and some smooth rocks from the garden store.

There will come a point in your furniture’s life when it can no longer serve its function.  Give it a couple more useful years by using dresser drawers as hanging boxes for the walls.  Paint in fun colours and fill with your treasures for funky wall decoration.

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