Adding Colour With A Painted Bathroom Vanity

Weekends or holidays (especially rainy ones) are a great time to make quick updates around the house and even small changes can pack a big punch, especially in the bathroom.   Sure, you can’t beat total gut job and a major renovation but those can be expensive, time consuming and very messy.  But if you want to give your bath a lift, why not try start by painting the vanity?

Before I show you some beautiful examples of painted vanities, let’s talk a little about about the actual painting part.  I always say that the most successful paint jobs start with the best prep.  Before you do anything, make sure you wash your bathroom vanity well with either vinegar and water and a dash of dish soap or a strong degreaser.  In the morning my fingers are often covered in cream or makeup and some of that always ends up on the bathroom counter, door handles and drawers.  And let’s not even talk about any deodorizing air sprays that settle on everything and create a greasy film over time.  Paint won’t stick to these contaminants and you will end up with a peeling or cracking finish if you don’t wash your vanity well.

Now let’s talk about prep.  Sanding isn’t very exciting but is often necessary.  It puts tiny scratches in your surface which later get filled in with paint – giving it a good bond.  Don’t forget that you’ll be washing your vanity often so you want to make sure paint sticks well and doesn’t peel off over time.  After sanding, wash off any dust residue with a damp cloth and let dry before priming.

If your vanity is already painted, the paint is in good shape and you haven’t sanded through to any bare spots, chances are you don’t need an additional primer.  Most paints these days are self priming so in this case two coats of finish will be enough for a durable result.  However, if you’re painting bare wood, formica or other composite material, make sure you pick the appropriate primer for each.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on dry and recoat times and remember to open a window or turn on a fan for ventilation.

What kind of paint should you use?  For most project I recommend a water based enamel.  It dries quickly with no smell and brushes clean up with water.  My favourite is Muralo’s line of Ultra Waterbourne paints.  They’re available in satin, semi gloss and gloss and thousands of colours.  Plus, since they were originally designed for use on walls in hospital operating rooms, they’re super durable and will stand up to repeated cleaning.

Finally, for a few weeks, keep in mind that your vanity is freshly painted.  Paint will dry pretty quickly but takes longer to cure – or reach its full chemical hardness.  Try to keep water splashing to a minimum and don’t use harsh cleaners for the first month.

Now on to the fun stuff!  Experiment with colour!  Try a bold shade, a timeless neutral or a dramatic colour like black or navy.  And don’t forget about the hardware!  Swapping out those old drawer pulls or knobs for new ones will make a big difference.  Scroll below for some of my favourite Pinterest finds and don’t forget to click on each image for more info.

First, let’s start with one of my favourite colours for a bathroom in general.  Blue reminds me of cool water, it’s clean and crisp and makes a great choice for a vanity – especially a beautiful blue/green like this one.  Pair with plenty of white and trendy gold fixtures.  Colour suggestion: Benjamin Moore Oceanic Teal 669

Okay, I don’t usually think of green as a bathroom colour but this vibrant shade paired with white and gold fixtures (again) sure makes a statement.  And don’t forget blue and green make a great pair – just check out that rug! Colour suggestion: Clover Green 2034-10

If you want high energy, you can’t go wrong with orange.  It’s punchy, especially in a small space.  Keep everything else neutral to keep your bathroom from feeling too busy.  Again, gold goes great with orange! Colour suggestion: Benjamin Moore Orange Burst 2015-20

If you want to make a statement but don’t like vibrant shades, a dramatic navy will make your vanity stand out without shouting.  Are you getting tired of gold hardware yet? I’m not!  Navy and gold are stunning together in this bathroom.  Colour suggestion: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC-154

If you love blue but don’t want to go as dark as navy, keep things light and airy with a soft shade like this one.  Paired with plenty of white it really makes this feel airy.  Colour suggestion: Benjamin Moore Dusky Blue 1640

Finally, it wouldn’t be a post without me sneaking in some grey SOMEWHERE.  A warm grey will pair great with marble and white.  Add chrome or brushed stainless hardware and fixtures for a stunning space like this one. Colour suggestion: Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray HC-168

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