COLOR SPOTLIGHT – Benjamin Moore Smoke

At the end of a long and hectic day, it’s comforting to return home to a quiet space.  Few colours are as relaxing as grey but if you’re worried about creating a sad space instead of a cozy one try a share of grey with a hint of colour like Benjamin Moore Smoke.  It has a cool blue undertone but pairs beautifully with metallic gold and soft cream (like a fluffy blanket).

One of the most common paint colour mistakes is picking a shade that’s too bright.  Often the shades that look the prettiest on the colour chart are so vivid on the walls that they’re impossible to live with. I LOVE sleep so to me few rooms are as relaxing as the bedroom.  Pair Benjamin Moore Smoke with creamy furniture, crisp white linens and wood for warmth.

You can also pair Benjamin Moore Smoke with shades of grey like silver or charcoal.  And don’t forget that blue and orange are opposite each other on the colour wheel so they make a great pair so add a pillow or blanket for a pop of warmth.

Could this be the coziest corner in the house? Add natural fabrics like linen or cotton to balance the coolness of Benjamin Moore Smoke.

To keep the room from feeling drab add cheerful yellow, especially in the living room.

Blue is one of my favourite shades for the bathroom.  It just feels so cool and clean.  Use Smoke in combination with marble counters, chrome fixtures, and silver mirrors to get this look at home.

And though it can hardly be considered a “neutral” colour in the traditional sense, it does make a great all over paint choice for rooms with a lot of natural light like this from Apartment Therapy.

TIP:  When choosing any paint colour make sure to try a sample on the wall first.  Shades of grey especially are very sensitive to light and can look dramatically different in your home than on the paint chart.  If you’re not quite ready for a commitment try a pint size sample and pick up a tester kit.  It comes with a large sturdy piece of foam board you can paint and move around the room instead of painting the walls!

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6 Responses to “COLOR SPOTLIGHT – Benjamin Moore Smoke”

  1. kimberly Jellum

    Hi. I am painting my bedroom smoke color but would like to do my bathroom a different color, which adjoins to my bedroom. My bathroom has cherry wood cupboards and beige/cream tile. Do you have any color suggestions that would go with smoke, but transition ok?

    • Rowe Spurling Paint Company

      Good morning Kimberly. I would look at Benjamin Moore Ocean Air 2123-50. It has a hint of smokey sea foam so it will compliment the cherry and the beige/cream in your tile while still feeling fresh and airy. You can also go with a great neutral like Benjamin Moore Gray Owl 2137-60. It has a HINT of olive green so again it will work really well with the cherry and beige. Hope this helps!

  2. Patti

    Where did you get the curtains? The ones with the gray trellis on the top.

  3. Hengel Zambrano

    Will Benjamin Moore smoke color be good for exterior siding? Thanks!

    • Rowe Spurling Paint Company

      Thank you for your question. It would depend on the rest of the colors in your exterior. Feel free to send a photo and I can make a recommendation.


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