9 Things To Paint BLACK This Weekend

A few years ago (probably after reading too many blog posts) I decided to paint the walls in our home office black.  Everyone thought I was crazy (or sad) and I DID hesitate after the first few brush strokes but when the room was finished it quickly became one of my favourite spaces.   There may be thousands of colours in the spectrum but if you want to make a statement you can’t go wrong with classic black.  And just like that little dress, black walls are a pleasure to accessorize.

If you’re brave enough to take the plunge here are a few tips on using black paint at home.  First of all,  it will highlight any surface imperfections so if your walls are less than perfect try a flat or matte finish to prevent unsightly glare.  Save the semigloss or gloss paints for woodwork, trim, or furniture.  Secondly, instead of a stark black try a softer shade with more dimension like Benjamin Moore Graphite or Black Satin.  Another way to soften black walls is by adding warm gold accents or soft fabrics.  Need examples? Scroll down!

I love sleep so the bedroom is one of my favourite spaces.  Get your feet wet and add a black accent wall behind the bed.  It will really make your headboard and linens pop.  Keep it from feeling to heavy by incorporating floral patterns and soft textures.

Who says you can’t use dark colours in small spaces? Bathrooms are a great place to experiment with colour. There isn’t a whole lot of wall to paint so it’s quick gratification and if your design experiment goes horribly wrong you won’t have to spend all day repainting.  I love these black walls with white wall tile and a funky high contrast floor.  TIP: If you’re painting a humid place like the bathroom make sure you pick a wall paint that’s designed to prevent water marks and mildew.   Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa will not only cover like a dream but will also give you a beautiful and durable finish.

Another great place to experiment with colour is the kitchen.  Cabinets break up the bulk of a strong colour so black walls won’t take over the entire space.  If you love modern spaces try pairing black walls with sharp clean lines, cool metals and crisp white.

A LARGE majority of the time, then our customers ask for woodwork paint they’re choosing white but black can be just as stunning.  If you want to create a warmer, more traditional space pair soft black crown molding with warm white walls.

Just like with woodwork, most people choose to paint their doors white (myself included) but a black door can really make a statement and feel more like a piece of furniture than just a necessary architectural element.

If you’re a little weary of painting your woodwork black start small.  If you have a fireplace, try a satin black molding for pop.

Or create a feature wall with black built ins or cabinets.

I love the idea of painting the inside of bookshelves a fun colour.  It won’t take over the room but will serve as the perfect background for highlighting books, photos or accessories.

Finally, if your’e feeling VERY brave, try black on the ceiling.  Just remember that tip about glossy paints creating glare.  For a ceiling get the flattest paint you can for a stunning finish that won’t be distracting when you turn on the light.

What are some of our favourite Benjamin Moore shades?

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7 Responses to “9 Things To Paint BLACK This Weekend”

  1. sapphirelivinginteriors

    We had a gym set up in our first house and we painted one wall, the rear wall, of the garage in chalk board black. I loved it. We put all our circuit workouts up there when we had friends come over to train with us and you can update it with motivational quotes. Was great for masking little marks on the wall that happen when it is used as a gym as well.

  2. Terry

    My daughter has been begging me for a black wall in her room …. you may have just sealed the deal for her with this beautiful inspiration! Thank you for sharing!

    • Rowe Spurling Paint Company

      Try to negotiate a REALLY dark grey like Benjamin Moore Baby Seal Black. It will be softer but still dramatic. If it’s just one wall it won’t be so bad but it will look a little scary when you’re painting. Good luck!


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