I am SERIOUS about laundry.  There’s something (dare I say) magical about taking a pile of stinky clothes and turning it into fresh smelling piles.  And what’s better than crawling into a bed made with clean crisp sheets at the end of a long day?

At our house, most of the laundry is done on Sunday so by the end of the week there’s usually quite a stack of dirty work clothes and linens to get through.  Having an organized, well equipped space helps make this chore more efficient (and for those of you who do not share my passion for laundry), tolerable.  Below are some tips for making the most of your laundry room – big or small.

The first must have for a laundry is a space!  It doesn’t have to be huge – though looking through some of the laundry rooms on Houzz gave me total envy.  You can tuck a stacked washer and dryer into a closet in the hall or bathroom or you can build a cabinet to seamlessly blend it into the kitchen or mudroom.  To make it a design feature, add a barn door (they’re super trendy these days) or a tiled backsplash to make chores more stylish.

Now that you have a space, you’ll need to keep it organized.  One of my laundry room must haves is a counter where you can sort and fold.  It doesn’t have to be fancy – a simple plywood top will do.   You can find an easy to follow (and inexpensive to build) tutorial here.

You need a counter to fold but I there are some things, like dress shirts and dresses, that I prefer to hang so make sure you have a rod of some kind in your laundry space.  Again, it doesn’t have to be fancy – a simple tension rod will do.  You can also use a bathroom towel bar!

Everything looks fancy in pretty containers – that’s why those perfume bottles at the department store grab our attention.   Give your laundry detergents a touch of glamour by taking them our their plastic bottles and putting them into glass jars, bottles, or canisters.

My general organizing philosophy is that if you can’t see it then is doesn’t exist. That’s why I just bought some very large boxes for the (new) office shelves at work.  But seriously, keep all those small laundry bits together with fun containers like these.

Get more information on theses rooms by clicking on the photos for sources and don’t forget to Pin your favourite!  Now if you excuse me I’m off to do the laundry.

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  1. Lulu

    you have some great ideas! I love the idea of having a clean, functional, yet beautiful laundry room.


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