COLOR SPOTLIGHT – More Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

If you ask my husband what my favourite colour is I bet you he would say “grey.”  I bet if you scanned our social media you would find that despite my attempt at staying neutral (no pun intended) a large portion of my posts include something grey somewhere.  And just recently I painted our foyer and entrance in Benjamin Moore Penthouse.  You guessed it – it’s grey.

Grey is a wonderfully versatile colour.  There are shades with both warm and cool undertones, it fits into both modern and traditional spaces, and works with all types of wood tones, surface types and decor styles.

That being said, it can also be one of the trickiest paint colours in the deck to get right.  BECAUSE it has so many undertones, ranging from blue to beige, it can be hard to pick the one that matches the rest of the elements in your space.  Light can also have a huge impact on the way we see colour so make sure you take that into account when looking for a new shade.  For some handy tips don’t forget to visit “The Perfect GREY – Picking The Right Shade“.

Let’s start with Benjamin Moore Gray Owl in the living room.  After a long day it’s great to have a quiet place to relax and a soft grey will keep the atmosphere in a room soft and soothing.  If you love colour, use it as a background for bright artwork, fabric, and furniture or keep things simple with a monochrome colour scheme that’s easy on the eyes.

There is a huge trend in rustic furniture these days.  Balance old time charm with a contemporary shade like Benjamin Moore Gray Owl on the walls.  It’s an amazing accent to whitewashed wood and metal hardware like iron (hello barn doors!).

In the kitchen, you can pair Gray Owl with a rich navy on an island, use it as a soft contrast to crisp white cabinets or paint the walls and cabinets in the same colour but vary the sheens for visual interest.

Always wanted that spa bath? Keep things simple with Gray Owl on the walls.  It goes great with everything to white subway tile to marble.  Pair with stainless fixtures or try the new trend and go bold with gold faucets and knobs.

TIP:  Things can get a little damp in the bathroom.  Paired with warm air and lack of airflow, it can be the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.  Keep the walls clean with Benjamin Moore Aura Bath and Spa. 

I LOVE sleep so the bedroom is one of my favourite spaces.  Gray Owl is easy on the eyes and can be easily accessorized with bright fabrics and artwork.  You can change the look often with a new duvet cover or pillow shams.  Almost anything will coordinate with Gray Owl!

If you love Benjamin Moore Gray Owl as much as we do, don’t forget to visit our original post here.   It has even more beautiful spaces.

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    […] Before you jump on the Rockport Gray bandwagon it’s worth considering a coupe of things.  First of all, never judge a colour by the name.  Rockport Gray is warmer than you might think (almost on the taupe side) so if you’re looking for a true grey consider a shade like Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC-170.  Also, it’s a pretty saturated shade so be prepared for a strong colour on the wall.  I personally love rich shades in both smaller and larger spaces but if you’re looking for lighter shade of grey try Benjamin Moore Gray Owl instead. […]

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