Splurge Worthy LEATHER

A couple of years ago, my husband and I decided to finally, after many years, put our wedding money to use.  We’re not fine china people and it seemed wasteful to spend the money on something we wouldn’t hold on to for a long time so we splurged on a leather couch from Restoration Hardware that we have been forever drooling over.  It was an investment but we’re not planning on getting rid of it anytime soon and unlike that china, we use it everyday.

Quality leather furniture can be expensive and IT IS an invesment but let’s not forget that it’s meant to stick around for a while.  As the leather wears, the imperfections become a part of the design and the more you sit on it, the softer it gets.  Call me a weirdo but I also love the smell.

Want to add leather to your home?  Let’s start with the big one – the couch.  A leather couch is a great way to balance your design and add a masculine touch to your living room.   Soften the look with a cozy blanket and soft throw pillows.  If you prefer a more traditional aesthetic, look for pieces with soft curves, wooden legs, rolled arms or tufting.  For a modern space try couches that have sharp lines, clean corners and trim/legs made out of more contemporary materials like stainless steel.

If a couch is  not in your budget start small with a leather coffee table alternative.  While it’s not great for meals (I’m trying REALLY HARD to break the habit of eating dinner on ours) it adds instant glamour to those coffee table books, your favourite magazines or a cozy throw.  Plus it’s a super cozy place to put up your feet at the end of a long day – just make sure to take off your shoes!

If you’re short on space or want to take your leather outside of the living room, try a bench.  It’s great for narrow spaces!  Make a statement in the foyer and give your guests (and your family) a comfortable place to take off their shoes, put it at the foot of bed to help you get dressed in the morning, or use it to create a break between spaces in an open floor plan.

Another great way to add leather seating to a small space is with a cozy chair.  It’s sure to become the favourite spot for reading, relaxing or an afternoon nap.  With tons of styles available, there’s one to fit every taste, need and footprint.

I LOVE sleep and would love to add a leather bed to our bedroom someday.  Not only is it timeless, soft corners mean I will never again leave the house with a nasty bruise on my leg after running into the footboard corner.  To balance the manly feel, you can pair it with soft colour and fun patterns or keep it simple with crisp white sheets and a moody neutral wall paint colour.

Aside from the usual furniture, add leather in unique ways like these cabinet pulls.  It’s an affordable way to quickly upgrade your style.  Plus, you’ll be amazed what a difference new hardware can make in your kitchen, bathroom or on that freshly painted piece of furniture.

Lastly, who says that leather has to be brown? If you love colour, try a bold shade like green, navy, golden yellow or red to make your space pop.  Here are some beautiful ideas!

If you want to learn more about these spaces don’t forget to click on the photos to be redirected.

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